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Zeen and Annie's Love

by saeed afu

"Listen honey i want to a break up!" that was his last words for me.
why, baby? why??????, i cried.

but till then he had hang up the phone. i was left with tears.
I called back to get an answer but it said "the mobile phone your trying to reach is switch off, please try again later.
then i faded into tears.

i woke up the next morning when mom's voiced echoed the house," Annie, its nine you will be late for collage... Annie dear get down soon."

But i didn't responded her, i just lay in bed thinking about what had happen in last night, between me, Zeen, mom and Dad.

i always dream to be with Zeen, love him, make babies with him. never thought of leaving him for the rest of my life. but with a click all changed.

then slowly i left my thoughts into golden days we spend together.

first time we met in holidays when I was fifteen and he was seventeen. most of the holidays he come and visit us because my mom is his aunt.
we spend time together going swimming, playing play station 2, going to sunsets. we didn't know when we were in love. but the last time he visited us when he was twenty he expressed his love to me and kissed me deep on the lips. i was like princess who just found her loving prince.
as days passed our bond of love for each other was getting strong and it was impossible for both of us to be apart.

then last night Zeen made an surprise visit to our home. i was happy to see him but had some worries why he made such a surprise visit, he could have called me so at least have been ready instead of surprise.

Zeen," Hello Aunt Amanda and Uncle Chang"

Amanda(mom)," hello Zeen, what a surprise! everything ok dear?"

Zeen," yeah aunt.. but i have something important to tell you both"

i was witnessing all these things with my mouth shut.

Chang(dad)," ok, you can tell us now Zeen!"

Zeen(looking at me)," well we ... didn't do it on purpose... but know we both can't live without each other... i love Annie and Annie love me 2...... we want get married!"

Chang(kind a angryly)," Stop Zeen! do you have anny idea what your telling???? are you mentally ok!!!"

Zeen(sadly)," i am all ok uncle i love....annie alot...and "

Amanda(slaping hard on Zeen's face),'' you both are cousins, you get that Zeen, i love you as my own child... your just like a brother to Annie.. all my fault i should have not allowed you both to be together... ( amanda crying and hiting on table hard) oh god what have i done now... please forgive me ! please ,

soon daady comes and holds mommy and asure her that evrything will be fine soon.. and he will never let we both get married ever and ever.....

Annie(me)(crying and beging)," mom, dad whats wrong if we both get married, we love each other alot... its not anyones fault.. it just happened..

Chang(still holding mom),'' i can't dear.. because its not in our tradition to marry amoung family... we have to get married to someone out of family thats what our tradition says and our gerat great ancestors have made such desicion for our sake so we must respect them.. we can't change that or break that traditions... please dear.... sorry dear....

Zeen(crying and confused),'' what about our love... we love each other madly... can't love change rules...!!!"

amanada(crying and holding daddy's hand),'' you both must forget that love, if the socitey get to know about you both them you both must me send to different parts of the country and in pirsion forevre for your love... so please forget your love.. thats only way you both can live here with family..."

"Annie,Annie you getting ready" i heard mom's voice and wiped tears from my eyes
repling ,'' yeah i am coming mom''.


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