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Real Life Love Stories

When Fantasy Becomes Reality

by Oppa Chumil

My love start in Facebook, I’m sure many of you didn’t think that cyber love can become reality right? Well my LOVE actually does come true and it all starts in Facebook.

When he adds me as a friend in Facebook, I think “Who is this guy?” then I approved him, not knowing who he was. I start to look at his wall and his pictures. I smile alone and I don’t know what the reason was. Then one day he tagged me in one of his picture. It was Bak Kut Teh, a Chinese medicated soup. I thought, “Why is he tagging me?” Then I ignore the thought, thinking that it is just tagging, nothing special. We start commenting on his friend’s wall and we chat. Things go on as usual, as he did not online often.

One day during my revision on BSE (Breast Self Examination), I tag the male breast cancer to him and other friends, and we started commenting. His friend is my son in virtual life (Facebook only), then in one of his comment, he said can I be the Daddy as I said that my virtual son does not have a virtual Daddy, then I said “yeah sure”, but my virtual son said he wants another dad. Funny comments I thought, smiling to myself.

During father’s day, I send him message saying happy father’s day. I think it is cute (smile), and in June 30 he give me his phone number and we start text messaging, it was fun texting with him, I feel happy and feel I want to spend more time with him. As times goes by, we text messaging and calling only, that’s our routine (LOL). He wants to see me before he leave but I got class on that day. He said he wants to take care of me, he wants to be my Boyfriend but I ask him time before I decided and he agreed.

2138 at 8th July 2010. I finally make my decision, I agreed to be his girlfriend and he was really happy, although we never met each other before but my soul telling me that he is the one. Our relationship runs smoothly, my friend said “Aren’t you afraid that the love you shared with him will vanish tomorrow (11th Dec 2010)” I’m afraid that her words will come true but my feelings strengthen my heart and I pray so that everything will be fine and our love will remain the same when we meet at 11th Dec 2010. Yeah it’s true when I meet him, my heart pounding fast although I never meet him before my heart could tell to whom they belongs. I am so happy until now our relationship grew stronger and stronger although distance kept us apart but our Love remains.


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