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Alternative Love Stories

Unaccepting Parents

by Mathew. Brazil

Well...you'll have to excuse my bad bad english! My case is kinda different, I'm gay and my parents didn’t support my decision or tried to understand me, they tried to change me instead. I did therapy for a year and some months but the truth was that i never really wanted to change, but they put me in a spot were I had to choose between being who I am and leave them or being who they wanted me to be, I love myself just the way I am. Eventually they found out that I had a boyfriend and simply cut me out of their lives. I'm 16 now and they don't even talk to me, still I'll have to live in their house till I'm 18. I just want to ask that if you have a gay son or daughter don't be ashamed and don't treat him different your love must be unconditional or he'll end up just like me, hating the same persons you once loved...


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