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Real Life Love Stories

The Waiting Room

by Cynthia

Sitting alone in the waiting room, she had a look at her watch. "Maybe he fall asleep." She said to herself. At this time, she heard hurried footsteps . " It's he." She raised her head to look up his smile. She didn't know when to know him. The same place, the same time. She always see his face and figure. Maybe it's very natural. They didn't know name each other, but they seems to know each other very well . Finally, She plucked up her courage to prepare for asking his name. Suddenly, her subway arrived at the station. "It's too late. Maybe tomorrow." She had a look at her watch and got into the subway.

The next morning, she came to the waiting room early. After a while, she saw him. She just wanted to say hello to him. Suddenly, she saw he was holding a girl's hand. At that time, her subway came again. As a result, she entered the subway fast. After a week, a young man accompanied her in the waiting room. Maybe it's natural. Maybe it's not natural. However, she and he both are accompanied by others. At this time, the subway came. What a coincidence! They entered the same subway.

After a while, the subway left. And the waiting room was very quiet.


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