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The Pink Rose

by Rhea Nalzaro

On the last day before Valentines Day, I hurried to go to the supermarket to buy a gift for my baby. When I saw all the people there, I started to complain to myself, “it is going take forever here and I still have so many other places to go. Nonetheless, I made my way to the toy section, to look for Mr. Bean’s teddy bear. While looking in the toy section, I notice a man of about 20 years old, pressing a talking doll. He looked so familiar to me. I approached and asked him, “I think you & I met before?”, he looked at me and nod. I introduced myself first, “Im rhea”, “Im mark” he replied. I wonder who was this doll for,is this your gf? “No, its for my daughter” he answered me so sadly. He looked young and I didn’t expect that he has a daughter. “ok, then why are you sad?” “I cant afford this doll,this is so expensive.It cost 750 php and I only have 500 php.” His reply. I saw the emotion inside him, and it was so sad. I gave him money but he refused to receive it

…silence pass…

If you dont mind, where is your daughter? She was taken away from me, my girlfriend ,her mother, will see her soon so I thought that she could bring the doll with her to give it to our daughter. I told his dad to tell her not to go yet, I asked him to wait until I come back from the supermarket” then he showed me a very nice photo of them(mark & his gf). He told me,” I also want her to take this photo with her so that she will never forget me. I love her so much and I wish she doesn’t have to leave me but his dad says that she has to go to be with our daughter.” then he looked again to the doll, crying. My heart nearly stopped. I walked a distance from him because his making his moment. Instead of buying a Mr. Bean’s teddy bear which is a bit expensive, I took the Mr. Bean’s keychain and paid it to the cashier. I ask a sales boy to lend a small enveloped to mark and I went home. Two days later, I saw my elementary friend, Cess, buying a bunch of flowers. She told me a bad news that one of our closest friend in elementary, Ann, passed away and she will go to the mortuary. I go with her. While walking down the streets she told me the whole story.

4 days ago, she mentioned, Ann and her bf went on a date. There were on their way home when Ann ask her bf to buy her a pink rose. The car was parked along the side of the road with Ann left inside. When her bf was about to turn his back, a drunk man in a truck, hit the car and then the car rolled in the road. Ann was in a critical state, and the doctor knew that she’s 4 months pregnant and it’s a baby girl. Ann’s family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-assisting machine, because she would not be ale to get out of trauma. I ask Cess, “who is Ann’s bf?”..Cess answered, remember Mark, our elementary batch mate?....

i was left with no words….Oh my God, mark the one who I had met in the supermarket?…I cant stop crying until we reached Ann’s house.. Mark was there sitting, I approached him, “my condolences Mark”.. He thank me for giving the small envelope which contains a money.. and he continue, “I also bought a pink rose which was her favorite, the money you gave me was to much for the doll, I hope she’s happy now..”.I looked at her coffin, she’s holding a beautiful pink rose in her hand with the picture which Mark shown me in the supermarket and a doll placed over her chest. I left the place crying, feeling that my life had been change forever. The love of mark for his gf and his child is still, to that day. And a drunk man had taken this away from him................


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