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The Other Side

by ACQ

In an attempt to define the phrase “The other side,” a sexual encounter might have been experienced from the other side.

At the dinner table one evening my mother said, “Dear did you know that Dottie’s brother-in-law is from the other side?” my father, visibly uninterested about her remark, simply responded “Mmmmhah!” but not me, I immediately asked Uncle Larry. My uncle was twenty years younger than Dad, and to me he was my big brother and my confidant. He said, “That’s how older folks describe people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.” “Ok!” I said, meaning that the explanation seemed somewhat vague but coming from Larry was acceptable.

I often wondered which side my family came from. My upbringing was strict at home. “Young lady if you don’t behave, you’ll be grounded for a month,” was something I heard from time to time. Learning by experience was never an option, but in school I was taught to respect to be respected and above all be honest, I always said, be yourself and then learn from others.

The following day, I met my friend for the usual walk to school we did together every morning. As I got near I said “Hey what’s new?” then she asked, “Did I ever tell you about James Dean?” and with a touch of irony, as if I didn’t know who she meant, I said “Do I really look that dumb?” “No, I’m sorry I don’t mean the actor, I’m talking about my brother’s friend. We call him JD because of his resemblance to the actor, he’s blonde blue eyed and he’s gorgeous! All the girls in my family want his attention including my mom that keeps asking him personal questions, but he is a gentleman and answers all of them with outmost respect, I guess she feels he is from somewhere else in this planet.” And then I thought perhaps he is from the other side.

One week later, on my birthday, I met JD. My friend wasn’t exaggerating when she said he was gorgeous, his appearance was just an understatement, his aura was captivating and I was mesmerized by his bright blue eyes, I said, “happy to meet you!” he responded, “It’s a privilege to walk among angels.” And then, we started the usual walk to school, all three of us. In the afternoon JD joined us again on the walk back home, and brought with him a bunch of sunflowers for me as a birthday gift. He said “I picked them from all other flowers because to me they are the prettiest and also my favorite.” I thought coincidentally they are my favorites, too. From that day on, JD would walk with us to and from school every day, even if my friend was absent. Me? I kept perfect attendance.
Soon we realized we had a lot in common. He always said, “I feel I’ve known you before we met.” and I always responded, “I feel that way, too.” My friend couldn’t get over the fact that JD preferred me among all the girls in our group, including her and jokingly said, “There is something wrong with his sight, he definitely needs eyeglasses.” Everyone that knew us was very happy that we were a couple, but I had to keep it a secret from my family because of my upbringing they would have not understood I was in love that young. That is why I was certain my friend’s family was from the other side. They encouraged their children to enjoy life and have fun.

Our happiness was short lived, when he announced that he had to move in with his sister to another state, I felt the world ended; and then he said, “There’s nothing that hurts me more than to leave the immense happiness I feel with you. I don’t want to lose you but I will not tie you down. My sister is the only family I have and being an orphan myself I know how difficult will be for my niece and nephew to cope with the loss of their father.” We said goodbye and with a passionate kiss, we close the first and only chapter to our romantic encounter.

As with all relationships, distance is its worst enemy. People move on and life continues, soon I lost contact with everyone I knew including JD and my friend. My family moved as well. My mother unaware of the true reason for my sadness, tried to cheer me up with anything that would help and only after my father’s business venture failed, they decided to move back. The decision I once declared to be wise and just soon lost its charm when I realized that the place I loved as a teenager was no longer in existence.
Two years passed and when all hopes of ever reuniting with JD vanished, the phone rang, “Hello!” I’ll never forget the look in my sister’s face when she said it was for me and much less will I forget the voice at the other end that said, “Does my angel still love me or should I feel like the lowly sunflower without the sun?” I replied “Yes, I still love you!” that day my mother found out that I had been suffering from a broken heart.

Finally the day arrived when we were reunited. Although he looked a little older, he still had that special glow that everybody noticed. He gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek, I guess out of respect to my parents that went with me to greet him. To my surprise, he held my hands and said, “I’m a successful businessman who’s desperately looking for my bride and live happily ever after.” I didn’t know what to say and asked instead, “how did you know where to reach me?” “Remember I told I wasn’t going to tie you down? I kept my distance, but I followed you always through the eyes of some faithful friends who kept me informed of your wellbeing. Now I come to ask you, will you marry me?” “Yes!!” and ignoring my parents I kissed him with passion.

During the time he stayed, he gave me an engagement ring and we worked on our plans for the wedding. It was sad to see him go again but this time was different, at least there was something to look forward to and besides he reassured my feelings when he said, “I leave with the conviction that when I come back we will be the happiest couple in the whole world. I love so much!” and then he was gone, disappeared into the crowd boarding the airplane.
I received two letters each week right after he left, two months before, that is why it surprised me to see a third letter come in that day. He wrote: “Before I met you, life was meaningless and boring. Through you, I learned to love unconditionally and without reservations. You showed me to be humble and always feel happy. I’ll always be grateful for your love, that is why it saddens me to break up our relationship. I’ve been told a friend is bearing my child. Knowing now the kind or person you are, you will understand my responsibility falls in the wellbeing of this child. I know I might never hear from you again, if it happens, part of me will die but I shall feed on memories until we meet again, I will love you forever.”

Years later, I met someone kind, and decided to go on with my life. I didn’t feel sparks or outbursts of emotions when I married him, but I was older and wiser. My only desire was to love and be loved. Although my husband wasn’t as appealing as JD, he had the most loving heart and mysterious almond shaped brown eyes, and I felt very fortunate to have two sons that looked very much like their father.

My friend and I found each other again and started to communicate. One day she called me and said, “Hey, what are you doing my friend?” I need to send you a letter I received from JD’s sister; it’s addressed to you in a sealed envelope and a note for me stating that I give this letter you. Give me a call as soon as you read it and let me know what is so important.”

With the letter in my hand, I called my friend, “Hey, this is what she said.” Omitting all salutations, etc. I started to read. “My brother never married, always talks about you and how much he loves you. DNA tests confirmed he is not the baby’s father and in an emotional rave the mother took the baby and left the country (we pray for the child’s safety) my brother forbade me to pass this information on to you because he understands you are married with family, hopefully content, and that as much as he would like to talk to you, he will never jeopardize your happiness like he did before. I’m sorry I took upon myself to tell you this but I fear that my brother is dying in spirit. He enlisted in the army and gave all his belongings away, even his business, it is his belief this is where he’ll die.” “She sent me a picture of him in uniform, another in civilian clothes, and one taken with me when we were planning our wedding. I cried so much when I saw the picture in street clothes, he lost his glow and the sadness on his face is indescribable. I’m assuming is the last picture taken of him. I can’t talk anymore, this is too sad.”

I couldn’t hide my unhappiness and for days I felt gloomy and extremely sad. My husband couldn’t understand the reason for my behavior but felt I needed compassion and attempting to cheer me up asked me to join him to a business seminar at a nearby town. “It will do you good to stay away from the kids for a while,” he said. I accepted only to make him happy; he’s always been a caring husband, loving father and a true friend.

No matter how hard I tried, on the second day of our trip I couldn’t hold back my tears and I wept. “Honey what did I do to make you feel this miserable?” he asked, “That’s it, you’ve done so much to make me happy and I have been so ungrateful reacting like this.” Wiping my tears he said, “I know, you must be missing the kids. I’ll tell you what, we’ll go out to eat, walk on the beach, do a little shopping and then come back to the hotel to relax and maybe some sex? today is Valentine’s Day, we need to celebrate.” I knew I had to control myself, after all, his intentions were clearly to make me happy and I needed to show him that he was appreciated.

After having dinner at a seaside restaurant, famous for its spectacular view of the sunset, we strolled along the boardwalk and bought souvenirs for the boys. Then we went back to the hotel. As soon as he started to get romantic, I became frigid, it seemed that where ever he touched, it would tickled or itched, I don’t recall ever being this uncomfortable, feeling embarrassed I said to him. “Honey I’ll be back.” I ran to the bathroom, after crying my anger out because I was not being good to my husband, I asked myself “what would I feel if this man was JD?” I closed my eyes and envisioned myself years back when I discover love for the first time. I saw us in our happiest moments and the outburst of emotions when he embraced me. With that in mind I returned to bed a totally different woman capable to offer the most heated passion. I kept focused on the feeling I once shared with a true love and kissed him as if I was eating the juiciest of all fruits and I felt the sparks, and the excitement that makes us want more. When it was over, all he said was ‘WOW!!”

“My Darling, said my Doctor, get ready to welcome the newest member of your family.” We were all very happy and wishing it will be a girl this time. There was a growing concern that it would be twins because of the rapid growth of the baby, prompting the doctor to perform an ultra sound. The procedure confirmed all was well, that it was going to be a big boy, ending all speculations of being a girl.
The baby was born in good health after a much labored delivery. Because of his size, delivering him was hard work. Size and weight were not the only difference on this baby from the other two; he was born with blonde hair, blue eyes.

When my friend came to see the baby. She brought a letter from JD’s sister. I couldn’t wait to read it because that meant news from JD. In it she said, “I’m sad for what I am about to say but I thought you must know. My brother passed away. Forensics don’t have cause of death, to his Doctor there was no history of an illness ever reported. Simply he did not want to live anymore. Ironically he died on Feb14, Valentine’s Day.” I fell on my knees in disbelief, this was the day I had the incredible sex with my husband. The baby was born 9 months later.


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