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The Monsoon Night

by Saroj Kr. Parida

My heart bit goes up beyond the threshold level, as I am present here alone tonight. No one else is here to listen my voice to reduce the calmness. Bus is also playing with me. The last bus at 10 pm is cancelled due to this bad weather. Next bus to Bhubaneswar is arriving on morning 6 am. Where do I stay? When trouble comes, it comes up with its friends; I remembered this line from the spiritual book that I last read. My sense comes to its original state as rain fall starts. Monsoon is just arrived this place a little earlier. I ran into the bus stop shelter. It is better to stay here rather to drain the nose by standing in the rain. I immediately take the chair to slow down my bit rate. Who says government is not doing anything for the people. See this shelter; a horrible place, but for me it becomes a gift from god to stay here for the whole night. Rourkela is a place where you can find anything other than a house & a job, as population is growing rapidly. But I am not responsible for this yet, because I am unmarried. Who the hell give you a girl to marry unless you don’t have a good job? It is better to stay like animals rather than as human, no need of jobs, no wet clothes to wear in these rainy days...

Unintended thoughts are coming in to my mind. I usually sleep in the night at this time, but today I have no intention to sleep in this place. May theory of relativity is implemented here to increase the time of occurrence of this night. Night becomes lengthier this time. I decided to talk with the broken chairs around me, than to seal the mouth for a whole night. It’s a crazy thing but more effective. Time passed on...

I am looking at the watch, its 11pm only. 7 hours more. Mind calculates each second to find the remaining time. Suddenly a strange thing happens. A girl may be of 22 or 23 ages comes towards the bus stop and asking me,” when will the bus arrives”. I told 6 am. Oh no!!! Why these things happen to me? She told with a louder voice & sits on the chair. It is really a bad thing that every odd will happen to these beautiful girls. God’s judgement may be very cruel this time to you, I told with a very soft voice. She looked at me with her strange eyes. I put my eyes down as I am little shy about the girls. After some time I raised my head and saw she is sitting 3 to 4 hands away from me. Totally front to front, just like north & south poles of the magnet. Most often our eyes were meet each others...

I looked at the girl; I noticed, she is wearing blue salwar, kamiz and put her dopatta on her head like to prevent rain. Due to rain most of her body parts & clothes are wet. Her dark eyes were half closed and some rain drops falling from it. Due to the street light it reflects various lights just like the rainbow. Her dense black hair forms a wavy structure such as the waves of sea. Really she is looking so beautiful that my eyes disobey my order. I noticed that she is little bit worried. I want to ask her that, “what will happen to you”. But my conscience stops me. After a while again her eyes meet with mine as she raised her head. Do you have any dry cloth? She asked me. Yes I have, I told that & gave my handkerchief to her. She cleans her face with it & returns with a word of thanks. I want to start the conversation with her. Who the hell will stop the mouth when a beautiful lady sits nearer? I asked her, “Where do you want to go”, as I don’t know that bus will go to Bhubaneswar. She told that she had to go there to her home and stops her mouth. How the conversation takes place when there is only question & answer round???

Time is near about at midnight. Night is at its extreme. No other sound is heard other than the rain & lightning. The density of rain is increasing time to time & cold air is started flowing around. I marks she is shivering due to cold air. I asked are you feeling cold. She just put her head down. I remember those movies where hero open his shirt & give it to the heroine. But I don’t have that intention to show my body to her. I think something must be carried out to prevent this cold. When trouble comes, mind is always trying its best to find out the solution. My thought works. I found an idea. I told her to gather the woods from the broken chair. She collected the woods & put them in the middle of us. Then I took the match box from my pocket & trying to burn them. Luckily it works. Due to this fire a dramatic situation occurs. By seeing the match box she then asked me, “do you smoke”. I told yes & add the word occasionally to it although I am a regular smoker. Why men always tell lie to women, I don’t know the answer. May be it is biological. Now the fire burns perfectly & spreads warmness around it. The burning fire creates an illusion as it is in the middle of the shelter. She feels much better than previous. I am also quite relaxed to see this...

After a long time she asked me the time. I told 12:30pm. Again that sad face comes. I hate that as I like smiling faces. Now I said, “Are you worried”. She replied yes. I want to know the reason, but that time I couldn’t ask that.

She then broke the silence & says it’s due to Rita. Who’s Rita? I astonished a bit. She told that it’s her friend whom she was staying with. We have a fight this night & that’s why I angrily came out of the hostel. She told that& looked at me. Why girls are eating too much red chillies? I told & laugh. Now a surprising thing happens that she broke the barrier of sadness & laughs loudly & I also joined with it as I solved the most mysterious problem in this world. This sound overcomes the noise produced by the rain...

Time to time our frequencies & impedances match each other & decreases the distance between us and we are deeper in to the conversation. She stood up & sits near me, so that effective communication takes place. She then asked, “Why do I go to Bhubaneswar”. I said tomorrow is the joining day of my first job. She congrats me. Then I asked the same to her. She told that she is going to complete her graduation in the next month & her parent’s wants that she should marry. Parents don’t have any idea that what type of mistakes they are doing. As every girl have the rights to fulfil her dreams & then marry. What to tell about this bullshit tradition like to go to husbands home & cooked well& take care of his parents & also the future children’s. Women must fight against these traditions. She then laughs more & more as I give the most influence able speech. She said,” you are going to change the society”. I said yes & I will start from you. That’s better she replied. Suddenly she discovers that we both don’t know each other’s names. She told her name is Sina. What a name? I must remember it as “sin a”, as I’m more comfortable with trigonometry & my name is Daya...

Time is above 2 pm. She is now too closed to me in just some hours. Weather is comes to its extremity & wind flows more than before & woods are near about to burn completely. Street light was already off due to the power cut. More & more rain falls from every side. We are totally unable to see anything outside. Lightning is also becomes whiter & comes up with more amplified noise. Now rain creates a mischief & started to fall towards her side, as the shelter has only pillars & no walls. This brings her more closely to me. I feel a little bit of warmth around me as I was never so close to girls before. What a terrible situation? If you want to avoid then your mind resists it. So much of controversies created inside my mind. The rain water falls on the fire & stops burning of the woods. Everywhere is dark & noisy. It creates a situation like that we see in the horror movies. Now nature starts its own game & unknowingly we are its players. Strange things are happening between us. She hugs me due to the sudden attack of light of the lightning. Her two hands create a nest, where you never want to escape. I also couldn’t resist myself to hug her. My entire body is trembling in fear & an unknown sensation. I am only able to see her face due to the lightning. She looks more beautiful and her dark eyes are just like the deep black ocean, where you always want to swim. Our lips are closer than ever. The pink shivering lip touched to mine with in just a moment, before I think anything. Nature own & we both defeated & leave us to the hand of nature...

Rain stops and sun rises. Morning comes up with its own decoration. Trees becoming more greenish & birds sing songs. My eyes opened due to the sunlight & I woke up. To my surprise no one is there. Is it a dream? I questioned myself. Believe me I never seen a dream like this before. May be due to that dark violent night. I looked around morning looks so beautiful and different. I washed my face with water and feeling different refreshment. Then I wait for the bus...

I astonished as I heard some sound. Someone is calling my name. I rubbed my eyes and see a girl comes towards me with a cup of coffee. She came near to me & says good morning & then handed over the coffee to me. I looked at her; surprisingly she was just like that girl in my dream. I don’t know what actually happens that night is dream or real, but I know one thing that
“Nature had already played its game”....


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