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The Last Dance

by Cynthia

"Hurry up, Jenny." ' Yes, I'll come." Looking at herself in the mirror,
Jenny smiled confidently.

On the way to the party, Jane asked," Whose party? Why you are so mysterious?"
You should go to the party with Kate." " Kate is on a business trip.
You will be very surprised when you see the party." Gilda answered.

"Yes, it's so surprised." Jane thought, when she was introduced to the
host and hostess of the party. " Still gentle and soft expression
in his eyes, charming smile what let every girl's mind is perturbed."
"Hi, Jane. How are you? Haven't seen you for the ages. "
Jane's train of thought was interrupted. " I'm fine, Peter. How are you?"
Jane showed a courtesy smile." I'm fine too, This is my finance, Doreen.
Today is her birthday, so we hold a party. "Peter held a girl's hand,
and said," Sweetie, this is Gilda's sister- Jane."
"Hi, I know a little about you because Peter referred to you. You look
very beautiful." "Thank you. I'm glad to meet you." Shaking Doreen's hand,
Jane showed a courtesy smile again. "Peter, you promised
to show us round your house.' Glida gazed intently
at him. "Ok." Peter put down his wine glass.

Stepping on red carpets, Jane mechanically followed Peter and Gilda. "It's
so splendid. Is this your another reception room?" Gilda asked, when they
entered a left room of the second floor. " Yes." Peter answered complacently.
'Ding..." Gilda took out his cell phone." Oh, Tom ask me to go downstairs.
I have to leave. Peter, you don't leave my sister out in the cold and
show her around your pretty rooms." Finishing his words, Gilda winked at Jane.

After a while, the room became very quiet. "Jean, do you want to visit other
rooms." Peter asked." No, thanks. I feel a little tired." Jean moved towards
sofa and sat down. At this moment, her sight remained at a box of Sarah Connor's CD,

"Peter, you still keep the CD." Jean gently stroked the CD and handed him it.
Peter's face changed colour , but his face returned to normal at once. "Well, you are my first girlfriend and this was the first gift that you gave me,
so I preserve it." Peter answered. " Really? However, everything changes, maybe we
should forget the past." Jean made a wry smile. " Let's enjoy music." when Peter had
hardly finished speaking the room was filled with moving music from " Just One Last Dance."
" I still remember your graceful carriage . Would you please dance with me? "
Peter stretched out his hand. Looking at his earnest vision , Jean stood up.

Walking with consummate pace to follow music, Jean felt her body floating.
" Just one last dance, Just one more chance." At this moment, Jean's waist was held tightly.

Finally, the music ceased. Jean said," I feel a bit dizzy." " I go downstairs to
bring you some juice." Peter answered hurriedly. " Ok." gazing at his receding figure, Jean turned round and headed for balcony.

Suddenly, firecrackers resounded through the skies. Looking at beautiful fireworks,
Jean smiled.




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