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The Boy In Her Dreams

by Ana Montoya

i dont love you...josh repeated in a cruel voice; as pushing valerie to the floor. You never meant anything to me! Learn how to forget.. cuz i forgot about you.. a long time ago. Valerie was lost of words... she reached out to him...touched him one last time, and died right there on the spot.. his love was her life. His words were her sickness. But he never believed her.. Josh stared in pain. grabbed her hands and said... I love you, and never stopped. His tears came down, warm as ever. Josh wanted a second chance, but she was gone now...

6 years ago.... Meeting him<3
Little ValeriE + Little Josh... love at first sight.. the door swung right open... little valerie raced outside, giggling at everything in sight, While Little Josh stared from the window...wondering if they will ever make friends... Little Valerie raced showing off to Little Josh, He only smiled from inside wondering if she noticed him. Then His door opened, Little Josh walked outside, shy as ever. Started chatting with Valeries younger brother. Little Valerie stared at the angel a few inches away.. She was shy, walked slowly back inside, praying he didnt see her.. Little Valerie looked from inside her window. and noticed Little Josh staring straight at her. As Valerie said. butterflies never felt so good. Valeries little brother came racing inside, and grabbed her by the hands and said...he wants to see you.. Little Valerie raced inside the bathroom, giggling within herself. as she picked up the big brush to comb her hair. Gave a quick smile at her refelction and slowly walked outside.. Little Josh stood there. Cute red sparkled in his cheeks. He was nervous, So was she..

4 years later... its true love
Valerie was in love... it didnt take much to realize it. Josh was a female magnet. But he changed. He wasnt as shy, more into videogames.. He stopped asking for Valerie..Valerie feared this day. but it came.. she was crazy in love with him. he was her everyday thought.. Days passed... she was scared of loosing his attention. Trying different things to hook him into her heart again. From standing in the spot where they first met.. waiting, no sign of him. Valerie imagined there childhood, remebering every special momment with him,, which was always. His door was closed, his windows were shut.. Her heart shattered into many pieces, she took 2 steps back home, but his door slowly opened. he peeked outside.. Tears came rolling down from Valeries Face. She ran to him, he opened his arms to her. Then they gave a kiss, A kiss that nieghther of them will ever forget. Her heart was slowly being put back into one. Her lips felt as if they were touched by an angel.. ever since that day, they sent secret messages to each other... The last year of middle school was beggining.. Valerie doodled his name all over her paperworks, got distracted from his words...

1 year later.. the sad truth :its not up to me anymore, if you want me in ur life,youll find a way to put me there

Love wasnt a phase in Valeries World, it was reality and pain. She knew the real definition. She felt it. And no one, couldve changed her mind. To her love was magic. He was her spell. Warmth and joy circled around her everyday life, as his name repeated in her head. But days to come. he was no where in site. Then Valerie took a brave step outside. Looked around, yet he was still not outside. Valerie took a deep breath and walked towards her lovers home. Where the smell of him, drowned the surface. Valerie peeked inside, and saw Josh with a girl. They were kissinng.... Valerie knocked hard on the door. As he came running outside. Josh... I love you... Valerie said breathless. Well I dont, leave me alone Josh said while closing the door. He was gone forver, and so was she. She died from his harmful words.



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Author Comments:
I was very interested in your site, therefore im submitting a story which I changed the name of the characters for Privacy purposes. I made it into a story according to how I felt the scenes felt like. In the beggining I added an attention grabber, to allow the viewers to be more interested, but from there on, it is based on a true story. FYI: [ I ]the character never died, or attempted to hurt myself in any way possible.. but love hurts that much. Hopefully you see interest in my story and allow ur viewers a chance to read it. I made this story in a rush, and it has alot of errors such as grammar. So i understand if you dont post it up. But I would love it if you to give it a chance:]


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