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Real Life Love Story

by Sophie Malhotra

i remember each and every moment spent with him, even the pettiest of details still feels like yesterday. i first saw him when i joined this new school. he was very rude and unwelcoming, i had a fight with him on the very first day.

after months we started talking, i just started finding him very interesting and after a few weeks i started thinking of him as a good friend. i never really told him much but just listened to him. unfortunately, i got a dare from my friends and i asked him out he thought i was otherwise and told me that he likes me too. i thought he had forgotten about it, i never really talked to him about it and i just kept on assuming things which was a mistake.

we did stuff together like, we would pass each other notes in school, roam around in the breaktime but that was it. the cutest moment was when i asked him if he could come to meet me after school as he used to have his soccer practice and i stayed back for some school work. i was going to the cafe with my friends when i saw him waiting with his friend just where i asked him to meet me, so that is something i still remember because it was something sweet yet so kiddish! but then ofcourse we got into a major fight because of our classmates, they created misunderstandings and after that we didnt even feel like looking at each other.

we used to be in the opposite corners of the class.
we came to a new grade, we both were happy in our respective lives. i hadly even noticed him although we were in the same school activity but we didnt even look at each other, atleast i didnt. but then after months he started becoming friends with my friends, which was confusing for me but i hardly bothered. my friends were desperates and they accepted him as a friend.

they used to play games and stuff together but i didnt because of him and i knew he was aware of that. i remember the excuse he found to talk to me was whether i was going for this concert or not and i just told him a no! he asked me for a week and then didnt. he would just stare at me a lot and talk to my best friend a lot but i tried to be oblivious as much as i could. then one day my friends surrounded him and started asking him who did he like? and he took my name, my friends told me that and it was so shocking for me. i didnt know whether to be happy or not.

he HAD to ask me out when he wasnt even ready and i didnt know, i became his girlfriend, but we didnt do anything that would say we were in a relationship we hardly talked. then i took a stand and to clear out everything, i called him although he was having an extra class, he talked to me and answered everything. he did like me a lot and i was very happy, the next day i planned to surprise him by being the sweetest girlfriend ever.

i had planned a few things but when i came to school something else was planned for me. i was talking to my bestie, telling her how much i liked my boyfriend, when my friends came upto me and told me that he was talking ill about me to people, i got very angry and in a rush i broke up with him. i was as confused as much as he was. after the breakup i secretly started talking to him online and i found that he was a very good person and i was falling in love with him, but somehow my friends came to know that i was talking to him and they created misconceptions again. we stopped talking, stopped looking at each other and here i was falling in love with him....this was the end of one more grade!

the next grade starts and in a month i came to know about some shocking truths, one of my friends in our group had a crush on him so they tried to break us up but well nothing could be done now, we were not talking anymore. she even asked him out but he said no! well i was happy. so anyways after 2 months of our break when we came back to school, things had changed, he was staring again, talking to my friend again and again we had started talking online. he would eavesdrop and everything. one incident or rather a day which is still special is my birthday, he had brought me a gift and i was unaware, he was so shy when he gave it to me. but then he got sick and didnt come to school for almost a month.

when he did come back we were having a great time, he would make me laugh, eavesdrop and he sat right infront of me, so i thought something was going to happen. i even gave him a birthday gift, a wrist watch and he wore it everyday to school for sometime, then he would jus bring it in his bag. he even picked up a fight with his friend for it. i got sick and didnt come to school for a week and in that week everything changed.

he told my friends he liked someone else. i couldnt be more disheartened and that was the time when i realized that i was in love with him and now there was no looking back, i couldnt get over him. everyday in school was mundane, yet he would do sweet things for me which annoyed me but when i looked into his eyes they were full of guilt and i couldnt get more sad. the only thing i didnt understand was i could see it, i could feel it, we both loved each other, we couldnt even stand together, there was that unsaid awkward silence between us and somehow i was aware of it. once i saw him pretty low in school and i had a talk with him, i told him to ask her out and that she likes him too. the very next day i came to know they both were together, the only part that surprised me was that i didnt cry, i was happy for him. then we got so busy with exams and everything that we didnt talk again. after exams just a while we would talk online and thats it. and one more grade ended!....

our sections got different, he took up different subjects and i thought that this was the new beginning, but sitting in a different classroom killed me. although i could still see him everyday but not everytime. after months my bestie suggested we write a mail to him telling how i feel and i got so influenced that i did. i did get a reply from him, a positive one, that shocked me. but anyways after a few days he asked for my number and we would send each other forward messages, one day he sent me a romantic message and i knew what he wanted. the very night he called me up and asked me out, i refused i dont know why, i told him maybe after our exams and that was my mistake and his mistake that he thought otherwise.

so then my bestie had a talk with him and he told her that he just asked me out for fun and he didnt like me at all. it made me very angry, i called him up frantically but he ignored. after a month i called him and we discussed, he totally denied asking me out and we ended fighting. how was i to give up so soon. i tried again after a month, i called him and then he told me that he likes me a lot and that i screwed up, he had to lie cuz he thought i made a fool of him infront of my friends. things got sorted out and we started going out. everything was fine, he was so busy with his studies that it sometimes made me angry and impulsive with him, but then things would get fine.

after two months we broke up again becuz he was ignoring me a lot and i thought he didnt like me anymore. he accepted it, didnt talk to me at all, infact ignored me so much that he just didnt take my calls. i felt insulted and in my ego i didnt bother about him...and there we go again....another grade ended!

this was our last year in school and i wanted it to be memorable, but somebody wanted it the other way. he started getting into fights a lot, he changed as a person. after a month we again got into a fight because of some stupid reason and after a week he apologized to me. afterall it wasnt my fault. i thought things would get better with us again and no! this wasnt out time indeed, another popular girl asked him out and they both were together now.

things were bad for me this time, i cried, i was like bella of new moon for months. but my friends my oh so lovely friends! were there to make me going. i had the most fun time that year, he did call me on my birthday, i did call him once for some work, he did stare at me like he will eat me all the time when we came across each other in school but it was all good, he was still with that girl and i was happy in my life. our school was ending we had our farewell night, i cried like a baby thinking that one guy i ever loved didnt even say a goodbye but no! he approached my friend but he couldnt find me.

my friend told me later and i messaged him but he called me back and that night we talked for more than 2 hours. by the end of the conversation we had bid our goodbyes to each other. but things took a u turn, we were again talking and discussing how stupid we were to screw up every year like that and that how much we liked each other. it was a really emotional moment for me to know that those moments which were special to me were to him too. but one night he cried like a baby over the phone because i told him that i wasnt really serious about us in 8th grade. for him it was serious, for him he did love me, for him what we had was so special and in that instant i knew he still loved me. things eventually grew and even after our exams ended and school finished we got together again.

this time it was great, it was different, it was very serious. i couldnt have been more happy. we had our sweet little alone moments, everything was great, but he was too possesive and insecure. so something went wrong and we broke up again, this time it was a major breakup. but i discussed with him and he agreed to work it out, we werent under the label of relationship but we were still talking like we used to, we even hung out. he made my birthday special and then after two days he told me he liked someone else.

 he was to go to another city for his college and i was staying in the same city for college. so i just knew this was the end, after a week he told me that he was with that girl.

currently we are not talking anymore, its not like we are in a fight, i dont have anything to talk to him and so does he. if hes happy then even i am. the story ends here, i can never get over him but i am moving on, building my life again....

so i guess we never really were meant to be but we gave it an honest try!



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