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Real Life Love Story

by Alyssa Jones

It's hard being young because people think you don't know anything about life. But truth be told, I don't think I will experience anything worse than I have, who knows I could be wrong but still.

In early to mid 2007 I met a boy named Jake. I was 15, nearing 16. He was 16, nearing 17 or just gone on 17. He captured my attention instantly at a mutual friends party, there was something there but after the party I did not talk to him often. Roughly a year later we started speaking again and the sparks were still there. We planned to hang out but I started dating his close friend before this. A few weeks later his friend and I broke up because he was pretty much a pig.

Soon after this, Jake and I started to hang out, before we knew it on the 24th of October 2008 we started dating at a gig. Most memorable night ever. We were THE couple, all my friends wished they had someone like him. Then I became moody, we started fighting heaps. In May 2009 we found out I was pregnant. It was the best and worst news I'd ever received. We agreed to abort even though he knew I didn't want this.

Things became too much and I ended the relationship in June. After this, things got hectic and Jake couldn't let go. He decided he wanted me to keep the baby but I'd already told my mum I would get an abortion because it was what she wanted.

After the abortion I didn't speak to Jake for months. Then I found out in August that my friend was crushing on him. I began to talk to him again because I knew he'd start dating her and I wanted us to all be friends. It broke my heart when they started dating, and hearing about their sex on myspace. The girl even said if she didn't know any better she'd think she was pregnant which sent me spiralling. This entire time I cried every night and crawled into foetal position I was so sad.

Finally, in late September we both admitted that we still loved one another. They broke up, she is still my friend and moved on and I am happily with Jake again. He is a few months shy of 19 as I am of 18. Nothing can separate those whom are truly meant to be together. Still gets me down sometimes that I had an abortion and he had another girl whom he felt for, but I'm moving on and we are happy together. :)


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