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Pizza Hut

by Tushar Pathak

This is a short story about a girl and me "Arun”. I don’t have any relationship and I think no one loves me. For me she is the most beautiful girl, I have ever seen in my life , she's Neha, we are neighbors from last five years , she is in 12 class just given her board exams and I m working in pizza hut because these days, I don’t have work to do , I just given my 2nd year B.com exams.

Well I m a bit heavy and she’s so slim and so good looking and i woke up at 6am and what i saw she is going for jogging , “it’s great” i said and i was very excited , I just brushed my teeth’s and went down well she saw me and said "hi" , o my god what a great day she said "hi" to me , I replied "hi Neha how are you, how was the exams" ,she smiled and said exams thank god it’s over and questions were great but my answers were bad , i said don’t worry your result will be good .

She said let’s hope for the best, suddenly out of nowhere Ritu came and surprised us. Ritu said "hi" guys, she hates me, and I know I hate her too. We both said “good morning” to her , neha said why you are late, Ritu replied “sorry lets go from here or my mom will see him and it will be a problem for me”. I said very nastily "why" what’s the problem, Ritu said please i can’t tell you and said bye to me and took Neha along with her. I was standing like a dum, well "what i did, i don’t know" I said and went back home, and at 10am i have to reach to my office or PIZZA HUT, I was late i have a car it’s my mom's car today my mom took off from her office, so i took her car and went to PIZZA HUT, it feels like i m the owner of the pizza hut but reality i m just a cashier with the salary package of rs8500 / month.

It’s ok i thought because it’s my part time job. I reached there , my senior was watching me like i theft something from him , i smiled and said "hi mukesh " he was very angry he shouted and said "its 10.15 Mr. and you are late as always next time I’ll throw you out", i said "sorry bhaiya it was the last time" , he replied with a voice like he wants to kill me " you always say so Mr. but i m very serious make sure it was your last mistake " , then he turned and went to kitchen i went to my counter "Minal" my counter mate she is very cute girl but a bit short and very sharp , she is elder then me she’s MBA. She said " hi my dear why you are late , mukesh was about to kill you , be punctual" , i said " na no one can change me miss MBA" , i use to call her by this name . She said "shut up call me Minal", i replied “BLA BLA”, and we use to enjoy our time like that.

At 1.30 pm i went for my lunch and I saw Ritu standing at the main gate of the mall I was surprised , I was with my friend rohin I said “ look at her , rohin said “ no i m already committed ” well rohin is a very nice very calm hearted innocent guy and deeply in love with one of her friend Sonam , he thinks she loves him but I don’t think so because she is so dumb hot& happening and our rohin very simple as “sadhu and sants”. I said “dumb ass just look at her means , I know her so just have a look” , I think she was waiting for someone , I really wanna know who’s coming I guess the person should be her boyfriend and then I’ll see her and then she will never have any problem with me , I was laughing inside I was very happy , she just saw me & her reaction was very strange , she was not comfortable and suddenly she start walking into the mall but she act that she didn’t noticed me, I was very eager to know for whom she’s waiting and when i entered the mall she directly came to me and said “hi so you work here “ her voice was shivering , I replied “ hi , waiting for someone” she said “ ya no not “ she was confused , I said “ k i m going ,actually my friend is waiting for me “ , she said ” k” and then I saw her , she felt very relaxed and very calm and smiled and said ” bye have a good day”.

I went to rohin he asked me “she is the one you said strange looking girl in your college” I said “she is friend of Neha & lets go for the lunch or MONSTER (Mukesh) will kill us “. We are coming back I went to the counter and suddenly I saw a boy looking at me , I said “sir how can I help you” he said “ what’s special dude” I said very kindly “ sir please have the menu book and chose what you want ”.He ordered 2 regular onion pizzas.

I said “thanks it will take 10 min; i will serve on your table sir”. He smiled and kindly replied “thanks” and paid the cash. My friend rohin rushed at me and said “man there’s a girl sitting on that table she is soooo beautiful I can’t even explain” I said “dude I think u don’t know about my Neha she is much more beautiful then these over powdered girls” (powdered means make up) . He said just go and have a look I said the boy just went from here, he have ordered 2 regular pizza I’ll serve it then I’ll see k don’t worry about me”, and I don’t know what happened my very nice clam hearted and committed friend rohin that he was so desperate, well it k for me because my Neha is more beautiful.

Ritu entered I saw her she was searching for someone then she started calling someone ,I thought” must be her boy friend “ , order was ready I took it and went to the table Ritu just get vanished , I was shocked but it ok for me, I went to the table and when I put the plates down I just gave a sneak and it was the saddest moment of my life , it was like I lost something very close to me , I lost my love the beautiful girl rohin saw was my Neha. She saw me and said “hi Arun” , I said “ hi Neha” with surprising reaction. She said “so you work here”, I said “ ya its my part time job” , I felt little change in my voice that time and I left the table with an artificial smile, I directly went to the wash room Mukesh saw me walking to rest room , Mukesh shouted and said “ where are you going, who will take the counted, I just gave him a very angry look with lots of tears in my eyes and i cried, rohin followed me and tried to stop me and asked “what happened dude” . I don’t have words to say that time, I was just crying.

After 5 mins , Mukesh call rohin and rohin was not listening , suddenly Mukesh entered and said “rohin take the counter “ ,rohin said “but”, I said “ m ok , sorry m coming in 2 mins”, Mukesh said very politely “hey Arun, Please take the counter , don’t worry everything will be fine”, when he said that ” everything will be fine” I just want to smash he’s face ,then there is a deep silence between both of us suddenly he broke that silence and said “ I am elder then you and I know what you are feeling right now, and m sorry I was little rude” and he went back , It was shocking that he talked to me so nicely for the first time. That time I missed my elder bro. he was in U.K for his job. Then I cleaned my face and felt broken, I came to the counter.

Minal said “hey what happen to my cutie sweetie pie”, I said “nothing I am fine Minal” she was shocked and said “u called my name , something is wrong “ then I tell her the whole story about me and Neha . I felt little relaxed she explained me many things about love and relationships. After that it was 7.30pm; I left to my home from Pizza hut and walking to the car and I saw Ritu sitting beside my car , I get irritated when I saw her and I she suddenly got up and smiled and I shouted at her “now what do you want are you mad or what, what I did tell me” she started crying I get more irritated, I shouted again “dum what is our problem , tell me what I did”, people were watching us and I said m sorry , suddenly she said “ I LOVE YOU ” , and she started walking with tears in her eyes to a riksha, I have no idea what to do and in few minutes she was not there.

i went to my home when I entered ,I felt like I m in a jail . Mom said “hey my baby how was the day and my car“I straight away went to my room and just throw my bag and saw myself in the mirror. I was looking horrible. In other second door bell rings, I asked “who’s that maa”. Mom said “Neha, she wants to meet you”. I was like o my god it’s impossible, I just turned and she was on the gate, I said “hi “, she was thinking and she said “ actually I m here to say that , what you saw today in your pizza hut please don’t tell anyone , specially my brother , actually he’s your friend so a bit scared” .

I thought I will tell your bro. for sure you are not my girl, then u’ll have break up and u’ll be mine , suddenly I respond “ no no don’t worry about that “ and I laugh she said “thanks “ well I am not heartless , so I can’t do suck down market thing. I went with her to the gate and she turned and said “do you know Ritu love’s you and it’s been 6-7 years, she’s very nice very kind hearted girl and loves you very much”. I smiled and said “really ok” and then she said talk to her once please, I said “ok” with broken voice. Then she went to her home. What a day I thought, morning was wow and evening turns hell. Mom said “you seems little worried what happened”, I said “nothing’, she said “k have your dinner” after dinner I went to bed. I thought “it’s been 6-7 years we didn’t talk too much and I thought she hates me but she loves me strange”, and then I went to sleep. Next day I woke up at 6, I went for morning walk I was walking around, I saw Neha and she came to me asked me and asked me to meet her love “saurav” the same boy I met yesterday. They are very happy couples, they use to meet daily.

I thought, if I would be her boy friend she can’t be that much happy. I saw Ritu; I was confused what should I say or how I should react. She said “hi I think I hurt you yesterday, m sorry very sorry”, actually I was trying to stop Neha and Saurav to go to pizza hut because I know u love Neha”. I said to myself “please kill me please some kill me , what’s going on I don’t know”, I saw some tears in her eyes and I said to myself she loves me , my heart was so happy that someone loves me so much and I hold her hand and cleared her tears with my fingers. And today I am suffering from disease, you know “LOVE” with Ritu, but I love this suffering I am very happy or the happiest man one this earth.



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