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Nitin and Christina

by Anonymous

This is about the extend to which love can hurt..
this story is about Nitin and Christina...
the name suggests i m a Christian and he is a Hindu by religion...

two different religions and to different social class,
well social class was not much of a 'problem' 'problem' to us..

the beautiful night of Navratri..
oh.. how found i was to go for Navratri nights
girls and boys clad in beautiful gujarati traditional outfits..
what a scene to witness..
But I never knew that He would be the one among the crowd..
Just like me in formal clothes with his glasses on
o soo cute did he look..
any ways that was the first time that we saw each other..

well would'nt call it love at first sight
but yes we were indeed attracted to each other at that very night.
i knew some where we had a long way to go
but it would be this long i did not know..

after few days he asked me to be his girlfriend
and i said yes,
we were pretty young at that time..
i was in my 8th class and he had just completed his 10th..
things did not seem to be working between us after few months
we ended in a breakup..

I m not here writing about our break up.
No, it is about how drastically the break up changed our lives,
it was only after the break up did we realize
Oh !! what did just happen..
Nitin had a bad bad time
worse than me..
coz it was that time that we realized that,
we are so much in love with each other
after the break up..
Nitin was my sisters friend too..
he would call her up and inquire about me
and i would secretly listen to their talk..
It made me happy..
But i did not know if we would come back again..

One day he came to my place with his friend,
with a small modelling contract to do with my sister,
she agreed !!!
and that was the time that we started to come close once again..
He came to my place sat next to me and
looked straight in my eyes and said
i know have made a mistake,
the biggest of my life..
i knew it all coz he missed me like hell
and wanted me back in my life badly..
he kept up his guts and proposed me to be his girlfriend
AGAIN !!!!!!!!
yes and he took my hand and promised me that
" No matter what barriers we have in our future,
I will never let go off this hand, until death do us Part".

I knew it deep in my heart that he really meant
each and every word he said not only about his love
but also about the barriers...
the barriers were soon to come..

we started spending days together listening
to each other after so many years..
he would look deep into my eyes and said :
"I Love U" and he did mean it..
the way he looked into my eyes made my heart shiver..
because i knew that we will have hard time to get married.

Yes we always had marriage in our mind..
I had always seen him in my dreams
fathering my children .. earning bread for us,
and always holding my hand.

The bad time started..
we had to get apart,
he left for some other country
to make a living for himself so much so
that he could marry me and make me his wife,
Yes his family were not going to approve of me..
not at any instance,
and we live in a society where only arranged
marriages were approved off,
an intercaste marriage is a big NO NO..

so he flew away miles away from me,
at time i urged to touch him,
rest on his arm and cry..
hug him hard and say I LOVE U,
but all i could do is,
come over to my laptop
talk to him through the computer screen
and go back to sleep,

Tears were our best friend,
that liked to stay with us on every step of our life.
yes every night i had to turn my back form my sis
just to hide my tears...
even though we were miles apart..
i would still feel his hands holding mine
and telling
" No matter what barriers we have in our future,
I will never let go off this hand, until death do us Part".
Yes i trusted him !!!

Time came and our love weaken us
He came back..
we thought of so very many ways to get married
but we always thought of our families,
and kept on sacrificing our love..
the only way out was to elope..
because no power in earth would
melt his parents heart...

the world has changed around us..
but we Nitin and Christina are still so much in love,
and are still striving to get our love the power of Marriage,

If you read our story..
please do pray for our...
we need a lot of our prayer and blessing,
we need your support...


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