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Alternative Love Stories

My Husband Is Gay

by Patricia U.K.

I married my husband over 20 years ago and I always felt there was
something not quite right and felt it must be me as he kept saying
everything was ok and we went on to have seven children. We also spent the last ten years looking after his mother up until she died in
February. That's when our lives would get easier but I could not be more wrong......my relationship with my husband was still sexually limited. I sat him down and asked him outright if he was gay and he admitted he has known since he was about 14.

I have to admit I felt gutted but not shocked. I am trying to be
supportive and even went to gay clubs with him so as he could find his way round and meet other people. I'm finding it very difficult as I
still love him and want him to be happy. I know he could never have come out sooner because of his parents and the strict catholic upbringing he has had. Nick still wants his family, his home, me and his lover. All I seem to be able to do is be here for him.. I do feel so lonely and scared at times wondering what tomorrow will bring and wondering if he will still want his family as he does now.


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