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My Story (Found Love After 11 Years)

by Amina Azad

Found love after 11 years.

It’s about 1999, when I was in 9th standard. In my class there was a cute guy, who has the cutest deep dimple on his cheek. In Those days, for me he was only my cute class mate and friend. He used to like me. For him I was not only a class mate or not only friend, but more than a friend. He got admission in 7th standard. But from 7th to 8th standard, I never know that he likes me a lot or may be loves me. When we came in 9th standard, most of my class mates were aware about his sweet feelings for me. We both started to treat each other as a good friend, we teased each other, fight with each other & also talked with each other. But we had never spent any single moment after school hours. One day he gave me a sweet teddy as a gift, but I threw it outside of my class window. I had never taken him seriously.

One day I heard that he is going from school because his father got transfer. I really felt bad. Because on that day I realize that I have some feelings for him but I was not aware of my own feeling. Finally his last day in school, he came to meet all friends for last time, or also to meet me, he was in formal dress, not in school uniform. He was looked like a sweet boy. I saw him I was jus waiting, that at least he will say last bye 2 me. But I really don’t know when he was vanished. After school time one of his friend gave me a gift (music cassette) on behalf of my cute dimpled boy, but I returned it because my lovely boy had already gone.

On that day after reached home I really felt bad, & in night time I cried a lot. After that day we were never in contact. He was my first crush & for him I was also his first crush. In March 2011, suddenly I started to search my dimpled cheek boy. Before start to search him there was lots of question going in my mind, can I search him? Or not? If yes than how will he react; he is engaged or still single? He will reply me or not?? And so many questions were there.

Finally my lovely day come in May month. I found him on Face book; it was bit difficult for me, to search him on net, especially on FB because I was not used to of Face book & I knew his name only, not a place nor a Surname of his. But when I searched the Dimpled cheek boy, that day I was too much happy, there was no boundary of my happiness. But I was bit tensed also, whether he will accept my friend request or what, and he accepted it. He was also too much happy; he called me on same day. We were in contact after a long gap of 11-12 years. We talked almost 1 hour & both were in unexpected situation. For me it was just like a fairy tale. But things are not in favor, today he in U.K. & he wants to build up his career. I really don’t wants to create any problem for his career. I just want that one day he will reached to success. I am too much happy because I found my dimpled cheek boy. So what if we can’t be together. His happiness and success is enough for me. His birthday is coming on 24th June, & I want to dedicate this lovely true story to him. God bless him


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