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My Story

by Annalise Porter

Dear Isaiah,
You were just laying there in your crib swaying left from right, i wanted to hold you so much, but apart of me just felt something wasn't right. In the middle of the night I heard you cry it was so painful so i went into you and seen you gasping for air, i woke mom & dad up to take you to the hospital they had said to me that you have a life threatening disease.

All i could was cry at the time i thought my only little brother is only 11 months old and his life is nearly over, there was so many things i wanted to do with you so you came home that night i held you in my arms gave you a warm bath, just tipping the water slowly over your head bring tears to my eyes thinking this maybe the last time we ever do this. I'm sorry your life has been cut short i know deep down inside of me that you will always be respected and loved by all of us here. The next day i walked into your room just about to bring you your bottle of milk until i took one step into the room and dropped the bottle i ran up to the crib and screamed so loud i just seen you laying there not breathing moving or anything, Isaiah i just i'm sorry i didn't do or have so many more good times with you, we didn't have a lot of time and i'm sorry, if i could have just 1 wish, it would for you to be back here with me, mom & dad. Mom and dad took it pretty hard but i hurt the most you were the only one who understood me and i could talk to about anything, i just feel i could be myself around you and you would just listen to me, but now since you have gone it just feels like i'm starting life from scratch i have no one who understands me as much as you did.

I love you Isaiah you will always be my little angle i'm sorry your life was so short. i miss you so much darling, please never forget me i know i will never forget you ever and that's a promise...

Well there was my story.


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