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My Broken Heart

by Aishath Afraa

"Your so sweet, your so cute, know will you please pick up the phone" my phone started ringing loudly.
" hello" i answered
"hi, you sleeping? did i disturb you!" Luke said he was in the other end.
"n.....ope, i..was just....... anyways what happen you called?" i replied
" remember you have to meet me today at six, we have to finish that project and your my partner?" he said
" yeah! i will be there on time..... bye... take care" i hurriedly ran to bathroom. it was already five fifteen by then.
Luke and i are friends from our CST101 class.

i ran the bell of Luke's door at sharp six. Luke live with his parents. he had two brothers only.
most of the time they were always out. i see them very rarely in the house.

Luke opened the door and let me in. as i set on the sofa i saw someone coming from Luke's bedroom.
he was tall, had dark hair, brown eyes and was wearing a shirt and jeans. actually he was handsome.
he was calling to Luke. then Luke went to him and they had a small chat and again he went into Luke's room.

Luke saw me staring at him and he came to me to answer my questions. sitting near me Luke took our project papers and said to me " bella, he is my best friend, last night he arrived from his land, know stop staring at him and let's do this project".
" yeah!" i replied but still my eyes were on the door of Luke's room.
i couldn't concentrate on the project at all. it seems to me he will come out at any minute. but he never came out while i was there.

after coming home also i couldn't think of anything else.
every time i close my eyes i saw him, my heart says i need to talk him and meet him. i was out of word why i am thinking about him so much. at that night i thought of calling Luke and ask him about his friend, but i couldn't. i was afraid about what will Luke say to me. so i decided next day after collage i will go to Luke's house and talk to him about all that happened.

so the next day after collage i asked Luke whether i could go his home to borrow some papers of project, so that i can do that part of project from my home. Luke said that i could go but he cant, because he had to go to meet dean about something.

so without anymore words i made my way happily to Luke's house. i was shaking my self as well as i was feeling happy because Luke couldn't come with me. as i hit the bell button, the handsome opened the door. i was out of words ...... he answered "Luke is not here"
i replied" i ... know i came to get so...me pap...ers!"

"k " he replied and fly to Luke's room.
i slowly followed him to Luke's room. Before i could open the door a lady opened the door and said "hi!"
with a shock i replied "hi"
then the handsome came behind the women with a lovely three month old baby in his hand and said," sweets, this is the friend of Luke i told you about."
the women," your bella, i am Meggie, Dylan's wife"

i was stud by what i heard and without taking another steps forward i turned and ran out of Luke's house.
my heart was in such a pain that i couldn't stop crying myself at all.
it was like someone has broken my heart without any mercy......

it took me few years to believe that the man i ever wanted was already of someone!!!!!!!


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