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Marriages Are Made In Heaven

by Neethu

This is not a made up story , it is the story of my from the age of 18 years ,to now,
In our culture , the parents always had arranged marriages for their children, but I was just a rebel in that case ,
I never listened to my parents , I always wanted what I want, and that’s how I learnt the hard way ,
I just finished school, and there goes my dad, asking people at social functions `to arrange a boy for me`

That used to irritate the hell out of me, so I just wanted to get out from that environment, so I started looking for my own choice,
And that’s when I got fooled, I worked for a Collections Agency , and I used to call upon clients to get their money arrangements for their accounts,
When I called this one guy ,he was the Manager of the person who I was trying to get hold off, and he sounded charming, adorable, everything a girl wants hear ,his name was Kevin, he had a great job, and when he sent me his photo , he looked fabulous as well,
So we started meeting each other and got to know each quite well, it was as if I loved him so much to an extent that I lied to my family , he wasn’t my religion, he was the opposition, and that just thrilled me,

We started bunking work and spending time together at the beach,
When my dad comes with news that there`s someone interested in me and that he is coming to see me, so I informed Kevin about it, and he said that he would come home and visit my family , and arrange for us to get married, so I was the happiest of all,

I told my dad about my relationship with Kevin, and he was utterly disgusted, he nearly have a heart attack,
What was I to do, I loved my parents but I also loved Kevin,
So with due time, my dad has accepted Kevin, and asked that he come to visit,

Since we stayed like oceans apart , so he had to stay at a hotel when he came down,
He came home, and although my parents didn’t like him, they accepted him to make me happy,
But my mum did tell me, that ` sweetie, u know we love u , and we want u to be happy, and if he makes u happy then we will accept him but we do not approve of him;’

And so with that confirmed , I was on top of the world , when Kevin`s parents called me to their house, and said that it wasn’t realistic that we lived far apart , how would we get to know each other.
So once again, my parents lowered their dignity ad sent me to their place , so that me and Kevin could get to know each other better,
Oh I was excited , just happy to be with the one I loved,

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my nightmare.
Yeah at first he was loving, kind , caring, but then,

He would drink alcohol in public and pick a fight with me, sometimes he would even slap me in front of his parents.

Then his mum would pass rude hints that im so ugly, fat & what did her son see in me,
Every night that I was there, I would cry myself to sleep,
Who could I tell my problems, I have already put my parents through hell, I had no dignity to go back home,
So this treatment had continued for a long time, until one night , I remember it as though it was yesterday ,
We went out for a movie and dinner , and then we stopped at a bar for drinks, and he had , had more than enough , when he started a fight with his cousins who accompanied us, and while fighting I was hit with a leather chair on my head ,and had to go to hospital,

Because I was getting the rough end from both ends, my lover and his parents , I went to visit my brother who lived there as well,
I blurted out everything, what I have endured in his home, in front of him, and that made him so angry , that we fought so badly that night that I thought it would be over,

Anyway the next day I went to work and he went on his way. Fighting every second that we were together,

That day I just felt ill, and miserable, I could call home and tell my mum , that I have made a mistake and please forgive me,

But when I went to Kevin`s home that night, I have just sat for dinner, when he slaps me, and tells me to get out of his house,
Next moment , his mum, his sister and his dad, were throwing my stuff out on the roads,
It was 10pm, who would help me, I pleaded to him, `please babe don’t do this to me, I would change for u , I love u `
But he never listened to a word that I told him,, he just pushed me around,
He called my parents and told them to come and fetch me, as its OVER,
How could my parents come, as it would take them two days to get to me,

I called my work collegues to please help me, but nobody wanted to help me, they said `we don’t want to get involved`

The last resort was my brother , he came and fetched me at 1am in the morning, as I sat there on the roadside, with no money, nowhere to go,

When my brother came, he was furious , he called me a slut, tramp,
That night when I reached his house, his wife had also told me a lot of things ,
I just wanted to end it ,
I hated myself,
I took out a bottle of painkillers, and I had almost the entire bottle, when my brother came in, and saw that I was semi-unconscious, he rushed me to the hospital ,

I just wanted to die,

And then when I regained conscious , I was very ashamed,
I apologized to my family , and most of all my mum,
All my mum said that she was the happiest of all, that it ended, as she didn’t want to see me in hell for the rest of my life,

Therafter I stayed at my brothers house for 5 months, as I had a good job, and a career along the way , so they gave me refuge for that time,
In which every night my sister-in-law would comfort me
But they took care of me, which im forever greatful, as they helped me in my time of need ,

Then in due time, I got an apartment,and started my small life …. Not hearing anything from Kevin, made me sad , but at the same time strong and happy knowing that I didn’t ruin my life with him .

During that time, my dad had met an accident and he had broken his hand, and my mum being semi-blind , never worked in her life, so I asked them to move in with me, whereby I would take care of them.

And so they did, it was great having them with me, they loved me, and I love them,
We all would go out together , have fun together,and we were once again, our happy family ,

3 years has passed and I haven’t had a relationship. I was too scared , and I didn’t want to get hurt again,

And then one night as I was playing with my cellphone, I thought to myself , that I need to get out, meet people, fall in love, ( it wasn’t so bad since my mum started giving me courage to meet guys again)

I registered in a dating programme,
And this guy had seen my profile, and sent me an sms,
I started to reply to him and we started chatting , he was the most caring, wonderful guy u could ever get ,
And the best part was he not once was forward with me, or rude, ..
And this went on for 6 months
I had told him everything about me, and he has accepted me for who I am,
I could tell him anything and everything, he never judged people or myself, he was always there when I needed him
I give my life for him, as he showed me what true love is
Then this time I told my parents about him , and they were happy as he was my same religion .
I decided to meet him first so we all went to a theme park, my parents and I ,
And I asked him to come there and meet me,
He came and he was the most wonderful i ever met ,
And he didn’t want to hide from my parents, he went up to them, greeted them and asked if he could date me,
And then within three months he proposed to me, he brought he mum and sisters home to meet me, and they were all so happy , including my parents, but I was afraid that he would ask my parents to move out, but all he said wazs: ` babe they my parents as well, they can live with us forever`

6 months later , we got engaged,
Thereafter we got married, and up till today , he is caring, loving, romantic, handsome guy that I finally fell in love with, he doesn’t even raise his voice let alone his hands on me,
All I can see in his eyes is love for me, and I LOVE HIM UNCONDITIONALLY

Im happy now with the man of my dreams, he was there even though I could not see it,

Yeah marriages has its ups and downs, but communication is everything, and he is my everything

And when they marriages are made in heaven , it sure does.


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