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A Romantic Cruise

by Francis

One particular thought is always coming to my mind.

I heard it is very romantic to go to deck and sit on the chair with long space in front for keeping the legs.

I would like to go to the deck with my partner with two glasses and a bottle of red wine. we will stretch ourselves on the chairs, with our legs stretched on the long space. we would feel the cold breeze from the sea passing through our bodies. We can enjoy the blue sky on the clouds. we will have a glass of wine and we would engage in romantic talk.

I will take and hold her hand and raise her hand to my face and slowly caress her palm and start biting romantically the fingers. Then she will take my hand and place it on her waist. I will slowly caress her waist. we both can feel the electricity passing through our bodies.

We will get up and go near the rails to watch the sea. My partner will put her lovely head on my shoulder. My hand will go behind her back and start stroking her back. We will share one more glasses of wine. slowly she will squeeze her body towards me. I could feel the warmth of her. I will raise her chin with my hand and we both will look deep into each others eyes. Now she will raise her head so that i can kiss her on her forehead, later on her closed eyes, on her cheeks and behind the ears. She willl run her hand through my hair behind the head. Slowly, i will put my lips on her warm lips and we both will start kissing. She will come forward and hug me. My hands will stroke her back, She will hold me tightly. We both could feel the warmth of each other's bodies. We will start breathing faster. Soon, the pleasure will become unbearable and we will go back to our room and lock the door


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