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I Will Always Remember You

by Anaya

I Will Always Remember

I will always remember that day when we first met and when you were taken away from me. That dread full day. But today is that day that I must say what’s been hiding in me. I will tell my story to you, to your grave stone, to your soul that still lives on, to that look-a-like cloud that I saw that day.

It was that day, in January, when the principle told us that we had to sit with our homerooms. That was when I noticed you. It was like love at first sight, but I couldn’t, wouldn’t tell anyone until I knew your name. I asked tons of my friends, till I came to Cecily, she said that your name was Mike. Mike. I said your name over and over.

Then that day a few days later your were waiting to go into science, in front of my locker talking to Jay. I said” Could you please move.” And you did and it was my first words that I said to you. The next day, I think it was in second period, you were standing with Luke, Ethan, and Jay. I remember poor Ethan getting punched. I said “Hey guys can I get to my locker?”
Ryan said “Uh no.”

So all I did was move you guys and got to my locker. I opened it and you looked in and saw my locker and which was such a mess. But you didn’t care. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I still can’t, I guess it was your.... I have to stop thinking about this, I’m going to get tears on my paper.

Then the second to last day, you were sitting in back of Caitlin, I remember I had I love M. on my hand and, well you saw it, and me acting like I wanted to kill Billy. I was surprised you weren’t discussed. Seriously I was.

In 8th grade I never saw you. You were in the smart people team, and well you know I wasn’t that, well, smart only in the summer, and everybody knew that. I only saw you at lunch. I couldn’t wait till then. I thought about you 24/7, it was getting to much.

In 9th I got to really know you, because you were in all of my classes, and we hung out, and were going out.

I remember the night out to the movies, we snuck in and nobody found out. It was the best night ever. But I think the best time was just hanging out at the park on Becca’s birthday, you, me, and well everyone else but that was a special night, we really had fun.

That night we played like every game in the world to about 1:00. Your parents didn’t care they knew me very well. Then we watched The Others and Thirteen Ghosts. I was so scared but you held me, and I felt so much better. I felt safe, the first time I felt safe with a guy. I knew we would be together for a long time.

In the 10th grade, we were still going strong together, nobody could break us apart. Even if we had a few fights, but every good relationship has a little down side. I was learning how to drive (uh the hardest thing in my life.) I really didn’t get to see you, I was in Las Vegas for most of the summer, that was the hardest summer ever.

In the 11th it was hard, we were preparing for our last year of high school and then collage, we never thought we would get out of it alive. But we went through it perfectly, and guess what no detention, well maybe for our friends but that didn’t matter. We spent that summer together, in New Jersey, which was so much fun, even if it was with our families.

In the 12th we celebrating, it was fun, our last year, and we were all right, still strong with our heart and mind and for our time together, our parents thought that night that we were going to get married with out them knowing, but we wouldn’t go and do that. They gave us to much support, and plus I knew what I wanted, and I didn’t want to go that. You were ok with that. Our friends said that this was something special.

When we both were 21, we started going to clubs. We didn’t go alone just in case, well you know. Our friends always came and things like that.

But it was that night I will remember. That cold, snowy night. Tony was like, gggggrrrrrr.... because of what he had to drink. He said get in to me and you. I didn’t go because Mandee and I were waiting for Becca. I told you to wait to, but you said that you would be fine.

When Becca came, we followed you two. We were wondering were Tony was taking us, I told him to go to my house but instead was going to his. He swerved and hit a another car and we got out and well, you weren’t OK.

I called the ambulance, it took them 20 min. I took of my jacket and put it on you, rubbing your hand and told you it would be all right. When we got into your room, an hour later, the doctor said that it was to late that you had gone. I cried and cried. It had also, been to late for Tony too.

Mandee, dove Becca and I home, was crying my heart out, I couldn’t stop. I kept saying “ I told you, I told you. I told you not to go.”

I was thinking to myself that night that I should have gone with you, so I could be with you. I’m now writing in “the crying room.” And I am crying. Trying to calm myself down but it’s not going to work.

When I got out of Collage I started to work with this program, it teaches about the effects of people driving drunk, and I used you as an example. I don't cry as much anymore. But when I tell my story a lot of people do.

And I still miss you. I come by once in a while, not everyday again. I still sit and talk about the good and bad times.

I will always remember, your face, your smile. I will always remember You


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