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Funny Love Stories

The Funny Thing

by Unknown

One day I was on the phone with my fiancÚ. We were talking about our relationship and all the things we had been through together. I said to him the thing that surprises me the most is the drama I went through in my mind. I said to him that the first time I saw him I was afraid to talk to him, and then when I met him I was afraid to kiss him, after we kissed I was afraid to love him and now that I love him the only thing that I am deadly afraid of is losing him. Now the weird part is after we had gotten off the phone I went on the internet and I checked my email. I got a forwarded message from my cousin with a beautiful poem on it and to my surprise the poem said to me in almost the exact same word what I had just come from telling him. My only comment was, "now that is what you call a twist of fate". I know I posted this in the humor section but I wasn't sure where it fell, it isn't haha funny but it is coincidental, at least for me.


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