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Love Birds

by Hy Cheng Ngo

Two lonely cranes sail through the crimson light,
In silhuoette
And landed,
More graceful than a ballerina's grace.

He nudged her head affectionately,
She kissed him.
He slowly caresses her arm,
She began exploring the gentle curve of his neck...
trailing kisses...

He whispered a sweet melody into her ear,
She bubbled with joyous laughter.

Two bodies entwine before the glowing sunset.
Driven by passions they began to call each other's name.
Faster and faster,
Sweating with rapid, heavy breathing,
Both trying to match the desires for each other.

And then a whirring object slice through the blood red sky.


Dead silence.

Seems like eternity.

He fell to the ground with a heartbreaking thud.
Looked into her dark lovely eyes now swimming in tears,
So beautiful...

With the last of his effort
He gave her a sweet caw:

I love you my love,
You were the reason of my very existence.
Until death do us apart.

Fly my love, fly into the heavenly sky.
One day, we shall meet again.
And this time, not even death can do us apart.
He smiled serenely,
Fighting to keep his increasingly heavy eyelids open.

And then a wail...
And scorching...
As if something was dying of a heart wound.

The sun is sinking in the horizon,
Silently weeping as her life-giving arms retreats.

She turned to the sky,
And flew as her lover commanded.
Oh my brave one...
Flew higher
And higher
And higher
And higher
Her graceful arms never a moment faltering.

Oh how peaceful it is up here...
The stars are slowly twinkling away from their daylight shyness.

And she swooped down.
Flew lower
And lower
And lower
And lower
Suddenly into the rock beside her beloved.

She gave him a sweet caw:

Do not leave yet, my love
I am coming too.
She kissed him.

The hunter slowly emerged from the forest,
Bow in one hand and a rope in another.
He kneel down in front of the lovers.

Looks up into the bittersweet sky, and see
Just as the sun's final rays descends into complete darkness.
Just as the two lovers hurry to catch the chariot into perpetual happiness.

He shook his head sadly
As he tied both cranes.
Tonight, his family won't starve


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