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Love That Never Was

by Monalisa Minz

It was the first year of my college. We were in the same class but he never saw me. One night i was crying by my hostel window missing my friends back at home and this was the first time he saw me. It was like we fell in love.

We kept on looking at each other for a few minutes when a flash of lightning brought us to reality.

The chemistry was beyond our understanding. We had never felt such a strong pull towards each other. but the pull was for sure. slowly the eye locks started increasing and it became a common feature of the campus. our love was budding slowly. and it was something that both of us liked. i thought i was in love.

But reality crashed right in front of me one night. It was a similar night the day when we first saw each other. we were working on the same project. and it was like everything was awesome. But that stormy night was different from the rest. As i entered the common room i heard him talking on the phone. he was speaking to his friend. He said that all that he was having with me was fun and there was no such hassle of love or things like that. it was a short fling.

Within a few moments the earth slipped below my feet and i was numb for a second. the first time in my life i was at loss of words. i did not know where i went wrong. it was just that the guy that i had chosen had never loved me. All this time i thought i was in love but it was a ll a short fling for that person. it was mainly coz he had never loved me. and i thought i was in love with him. for months i kept on trying to figure where i went wrong but all that i got in return were empty answers.

Today i have become strong. i don't cry as usual but the old memories very often hit on the shores of my mind. and in one part of my heart i still love him for he was the first person i ever loved and first love cannot be forgotten soon.


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