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Love Is Life

by Afu Saeed

Crying on my bed was what i can do that night i had no choice he called to say that he went out with another girl. whats more was there to happen know??? i was thinking. i am ready to leave my everything for him but he is already leaving me!! what am i suppose to do??? the night was hard but i took a decision that i am not going to contact him anymore and let him live the life he want to live.

with my decision days past one by one. he rarely act as anything wrong, but all the when i have to face him i just melt myself a lot. wishing i don't have to meet him. things never work according the way we want that i realize when this unexpected stranger step in my life.

he is tall, dark, fun loving, caring. first we meet in hospital when my cousin was admitted and i was there with her. slowly he started calling me.. then for those seven days we spend in hospital he was always there for me. i don't know he was secretly taking a place in my life and in my heart.

to think for that i had no time. i got my owned life tangled. which i was trying to untangle each night calling to my friends talking about my x bf. asking them whether they heard from him or not. all these time this stranger was by my side giving me support that everything will be OK soon.

the day we got discharge he was there but he was lost in somewhere else. i kept asking him whats wrong? he was saying that just tiredness of the night he will be fine. when i returned to my daily live it was hard again cox i had to face the hardness of my untangled life. but between all these one good thing that happened to be was the care n support i receive from the stranger. he used to call me, and sometimes he wants to meet me too. but i was not ready for that he never forced me to do that.

without knowing i was drown to the stranger i started texting him back, calling him when i am free. he took a place in like as a best friend whom i share my everything. we started meeting soon. the time we spend together was the best times i ever had.

one night when we met he said me to lets go for a ride. without any hesitation i answered yes and off we go. he stopped in front of an apartment and said would you mind to dine with my family tonight. i was in a shock but said yes.. i don't know why???

when we rang the front door a middle age women opened the door, she had a lovely smile and was saying welcome happily. in dinner table i first meet his family. he was the only boy in family.. he had a sister who is married and a younger sister who is studying in primary School. his father was a business man. his mother was a house wife.

when dinner was over we had a chitchat over dinner table. his mother was so good to me and caring just like him. they had great family relationship between each other i was shocked that how easy they were. around eleven he dropped me to my home. i thank him for the wonderful dinner and the night.

after that night i felt my heart started beating again and it all was so strange to me.. i started thinking he is my best friend, how can i think about him like this. he will feel bad is if he knows that i am falling in love with him. may be he has a girl friend. what an i suppose to do know?

with all these in my mind i had no courage to take to him so i started ignoring him. avoiding his calls.

then one day when i came back to home after class he was in my house with cousin. when i entered the house cousin shouted see who is here, he came to visit us after so long. without saying a word i made my way to my room but before i could close the door he entered the room and set on my bed while i was standing near door.

he started talking
he," so why you avoiding my calls now a days, got a new boy friend ahaa?"

me," nothing like that.. i am just busy.."

he," well i see that? you know something my family really likes you a lot they are elegy waiting when then can meet you? "

me," i am busy know a days i will let you know when i am free!"

he," hey don't be standing there come here and sit down, its your house your room, why you acting wired?

i just as a good girl go and set in my bed. then he took my hand is his hand and said u know something i haven't sleep since you started avoiding me.. i use to think what i did wrong that your avoiding me.. soon i felt tears on my hand i couldn't control myself and hugged him he hugged me too. then slowly i started talking its that i don't think its right.

i am drown to you like a magnet, i just don't know whats wrong with me??? may be my feeling are more than a friend to you. I LOVE YOU. i really LOVE YOU.. i am sorry if i said anything that hurts you..

he looked at me and said you know from the first day i saw you i felt in love with you.. and i am waiting for this day this moment my sweetheart. I LOVE YOU TOO.. he took my face in his face in his hand and we kissed...


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