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Just Out Of The Closet

by Baylen 16, FL-USA 

I have just come out to everybody, not even 1 and one-half weeks ago. I told my parents (well my Dad and Step-Mom) on my Step-Mom's birthday. They took it well I thought, but then after about a week it began to change. My Dad told me I was doing something dangerous and told me I was going to get infected with AIDS. Well since my step-brother (straight) is the one having all of the sex with the girls that have had it with every boy at school, I figured he would get that talk, not me. But I also got the "psychiatrist" talk. My father wants to make me see one, to change me. That won't happen... I went through therapy on my own coming out, and I have made my decision.

My friends were all okay with it except from one of them. The one
was a girlfriend of mine who doesn't accept me. She just ignores it and pretends it isn't there. But I love my friend, my best friend. I love him more than anything in the world. He means everything to me. When I told him I was gay, it didn't even phase him. So I confessed my feelings for him. But now he doesn't talk to me as much, or hang out with me, and we have grown distant. And now my friends are starting to think more and more about it and are starting to reject me. I have been gay for a very long time, it is just that no one ever knew it. And now people act as if I am a completely different person. I am no longer Baylen (that's me!), I am some weirdo faggot who is probably raping little boys and trying on my sister's clothes (IMAGINE!). Okay, I like boys, so why would I want to be a girl? And I like boys, so why would I want to date a boy who ACTS like a girl? Then I could just date a girl !!!!! NO! I don't wear pantyhose and high heels. I wouldn't even think of it !!!! But now people automatically assume that I do or will.If you are reading this, please be more accepting of gay people. They are probably more normal than you, and I guarantee you know someone
who is, you just don't know they are. But that's okay, it doesn't mean they're a different person. And if you are a parent, don't try to CHANGE your child. Leave them alone. If they want to be straight they will, but if you try to force them, they'll hate you. Oh, and don't force them to go to church, that's what made me hate my father. You are who you are, and you don't chose to be that way. Make sense? Well the same applies for gay people.
Gay isn't a life-style or big change. It is a characteristic, just
like the fact that you may have big ears! If you are not gay, you will
never fully understand it. So just accept it knowing that you WON'T be able to understand it, but you can learn from it!


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