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Alternative Love Stories

Hurt And Confused

by Laura. Australia  

Being a homosexual is hard for me. I do watch my parents like a hawk, looking for any evidence that they may be homophobic or judgmental about gay people.

I have seen my mother stare at a gay couple adding a comment to my father. Watching tv showing a homosexual couple in love, the look on my parents face is a disgusted, horror look with hands to eyes to cover.

This has made me feel uncomfortable, depressed, and not relaxed. After seeing how my parents treat gay people, makes me treat my parents how they treat gay people in a disrespectable way.

They always wondered why I give them a hard time, it hurts me to see them hurt and also they hurt me to see their feelings on homosexuals as disgusting.

I always wonder how I would confront my parents about myself. And to think whether they would accept me, think different towards me as in push me away from them or still love me as the same child as I have been all their life.

But to say, I'm proud to be a lesbian. My task is to confront my parents some day about myself when the time.


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