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by Vicky

My name is Sarah and my best friend is called Honey and she is a Guinea Pig.

One day I was at school and we had to take in our pets for Show and tell. I got really excited about showing everyone Honey as she was a gold honey colour and was very friendly. It was my turn to go up so I got Honey out of the box and started to speak:

"Hello class this is my guinea pig it is 4 years old which is quite old for a guinea pig and her name is Honey. She Is my best friend cause she never gets angry with me and always listens she never gives me an answer but that doesn't matter. I love her. Thank you very much." My school teacher was taking pictures of us with our pets so I stood and smiled with Honey and I felt proud to be standing in front of every one. Usually I hate talking in front of the class but having my best friend cuddling up to me made it all better.

I then put Honey back in the box and then sat down to watch the other kids. At dinner time I took Honey to the front of the school to wait for mum to come and get her. I kissed Honey goodbye and then I walked into school. The rest of the day went fast and when the bell went for the end of school I raced home to go and see Honey. When I got there I knocked really loud but there was no answer so I went to Pauline's next door and when I got there she looked sad but I thought I better not ask what was wrong as something really upsetting could have happened. But I asked her:

"Pauline do you know where my mum is?"

"Yes she has gone shopping come in and wait for her."

"If you don't mind can I first go and check on Honey?"

"No you best stay here so I know where you are, go and switch on the TV."

"Ok." It was about an hour before mum got back when she did I said:

"Mum hurry up."

"Dear first I need to speak to you. I have been.."

"Yeah up town great now hurry up."

"No dear I went to the vets."

"Why what's wrong with champagne the rabbit?"

"Nothing it's Honey he died of old age."

"No not honey no this is a lie it can't be true." By this time my eyes were filling up with tears.

"Mum if you don't mind I need to be alone can I go for a walk?"

"Yes but be careful and don't go further than the shop."

"OK and mum one more thing have you got honey?"


"Well can I take her with me she will keep me safe I am only going to the field over there?"

"Ok." I ran over to the field and then ran right in to the middle and leapt down and started to cry. I felt like my heart had been broken in two. Honey was in a box so I slowly opened it to have a look at her. She looked so quiet and sad.

"Oh Honey come back please you're my best friend I can't survive with out you. How will I ever be able to say goodbye you have been the best friend any one could have ever wished for. Please Honey the world won't be as happy with out you on it." I lay there crying and looking up into the blue sky hoping Honey would be in Heaven.

The next day I was dreading school but I put on a brave face and when I got there my close friend Helen was waiting for me

"Hi What's up with you?"


"OH yeah."

"OK Honey died last night." I felt tears running down my face so Helen came and gave me a hug.

"It is alright me and you can be best friends."

"No you can't ever replace Honey I hate you." I screamed at her.

At break time I went to the toilets. I was in the cubicle when Helen and a few of my other friends came in and they were saying:

"She went bonkers on me I can't believe it. It's only a guinea pig for heaven sake." They were all being horrible and I felt about 2 cm tall. I missed Honey if she was here I would be able to tell her this and then when I had finished she would look up at me in those big deep lovely eyes. I walked out of the toilet cubicle Helen stared at me and then she said:

"I am sorry I didn't know you were there."

"Yeah it figures. I am sorry too."

"What for?"

"That you are the most horrible girl and I was your friend now bye." I then went to see in a corner of the playground all on my own until a girl came and started to talk to me:

"Hi Sarah."

"Hi Katie."

"I heard that Honey died it was a gorgeous guinea pig my rabbit just died last night too."

"How are you coping."

"So so." I then told her that I would meet her after school and we could walk home together. Me and Katie became really close and we were best friends but we knew that we weren't best best friends cause they were our pets Honey and Nibbles.


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