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Half A Glass Of Water

by Sona Yadav

My life has always given me half a glass of water whenever I was thirsty.

This time the thirst was of love…love came into my life in the form of my coaching-mate…Mahi .My only male friend….my companion. My parents were a strict no-no about having a male friend and Mahi was no exception. But hold on, he was an exception -for I couldn’t resist talking to him ,being with him, doing those little things for him .We couldn’t go for dates very often but we did share these special feelings. And one fine day i.e. Oct 22 2002 our feelings found expression. I, not being able to hide my emotions ,confessed that “ Hey ,I love you.” Guess what he loved me too. We couldn’t remain together for long after that. Even before my eyes had drunk enough of his sweet face he had to shift to Bangalore for further studies. There began my 5 year long wait before I could see him again .It was for a single day only and once again life took away my glass of love much before I could satisfy my thirst.
And one fine day my life went all topsy-turvy because of a mistake -a terrible unforgivable mistake .I couldn’t take it anymore …..being away from him, so I went all the way to Bangalore and visited him. That was the mistake I did -a terrible one. We had a major fight after that. And he kind of broke up with me after that .I’m saying ‘kind of’ for maybe I am afraid of accepting the fact that we are no longer together.

I miss him and I miss him a lot. Mahi, today I’m saying sorry to you for hurting you the way I did. I am sorry for not understanding you and your priorities. I am sorry for doing what I have done, I am sorry.

If possible please come back for we can never love anyone the way we love each other. Come back Mahi and fill this glass of water to its brim. Let me for once drink till I am satisfied ,let me quench my thirst for your company.

And if you don’t I’ll think that life has once again given me-half a glass of water.

Love you forever


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