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Give Love Its Wings

by Mrs.Shubha Ganesh

“Take away love, & our earth’s a tomb”. When we say or express “I LOVE YOU”, it means, giving you totally minus ego, minus ‘I’. Love’s a flower & a river that needs to spread its fragrance & waters to all barren hearts. Holding love too tight makes it lose its sanctity & freedom. This story is about me.

I longed desperately for love. As always, one evening when I was taking a stroll in the gardens, I found a two starving birds that were craving for love & attention just as me. I took them home & put them in a small gliding cage. Nurturing them with love, care, attention, which I had been craving for, I gave all to them & they grew strong. Every morning I was greeted with a good song. I wouldn’t say, I was falling in love but love was making me rise. Though I had a full- fledged family, I still craved for love attention. My husband, Madan is busy in his world & he has hardly found time & given his love to our child & me. Yet I have been waiting like a barren land for his showers of love continuously for 3 long years. Absent mindedly, I left the cage open one day. The larger & the stronger of the 2 birds flew off. I was watching anxiously as it circled around my head. Suddenly feeling that even this love would go away from me, I held it very tight. And then, it was I noticed that the bird had gone limp just like me. “Why did I do it?” I wondered. Wandering in my thoughts, I saw another bird twittering in the cage. And it was at this moment; I realized that the bird needed to fly. There was a great need for the bird to soar into the sky along with his loved ones. All that mattered to me now was freeing it. Circling once, twice, thrice, the bird sang one of the melodiest songs of selfless love I had ever heard. My heart was no longer concerned with its loss. I was giving my share of love. Watching all this mutely, my husband, Madan walked away even after seeing all this. I have learnt my lesson. The fastest way to lose love is too hold on too tight, & the best way to keep love alive is to Give Its Wings!! I have given wings to my beloved husband, Madan. Hope he gives me the “WINGS OF LOVE”.

Friends, in this techno- fast pacing world, we at some end or another phase tend to take each other for granted, claiming that we have ladders of success to climb; but fail down to see, that success follows you, I or Madan only when we love, bear, share, care – the 4 ingredients of a happy life.

So, the next times dear wives, your husbands fail to give attention relate them this story and make your life happy & lovable. I’m still trying to have his love and waiting….



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