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Different From All The Other Girls

by Tracey. Australia. 

Well, I always knew I was different from all the other girls - they'd be drooling over their "hot guys", while I was playing footy with the "hot guys." I'd come home covered in mud from playing at school. As I got older, I got into motors and developing tomboyish hobbies, for example, cars, wrestling, footy at lunchtime, checking out girls... I knew I was a lesbian [actually, I prefer gay] from the age of about 8 or 9, because I didn't really get into the whole makeup, girlie, fashion stuff. But I didn't come to the conclusion that "yes, I'm gay" until I was about 13.

I was raped by my male best friend of about 10 years, and that did it. I'd already started checking out girls, but this did it. About six
months afterwards, I came out to my mum, who went into denial. I'm 15 now, so I've been living with a non-accepting parent for just over two years.

I came out to my stepfather only a few weeks ago, and he reacted in a positive way. He is a pillar of support for me, and we talk about my "gay issues" whenever I want, as long as my mum isn't around!

Basically, to this day, my mum doesn't believe I'm gay, and I can't
really prove it - just like a hetero can't prove that they're str8. Mum
asked me if I'm sure I'm gay, and how I knew. Some people think I've had sex with girls to know I'm gay - but that's like saying a str8 person is only str8 if they have sex with the opposite sex.

I'm also planning a fake marriage to one of my close friends, who is a
bisexual. We're going to perform this at school. It's going to be great, because apparently I love this female friend. Well, I do, but she doesn't know that... my life is a bad story made good again.

Just when I though I'd hit rock bottom, I floated to the surface. For
all the closeted youth out there, you will never know someone's reaction [in detail] to your "coming out" until you tell them about it. Take a couple of steps out of your comfort zone.

My mum's homophobic - bad reaction. My surprisingly accepting stepfather - good reaction. You never know until you try. Trust me. God bless you all on your fabulous journey. Amen.


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