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Funny Love Stories

Cute Love Story

by Miriam Fakhoury

G- girl's name
B- Boys name
F- friends name girl
C- friends name girl
S- friends name boy

( G phone rings. Looks at caller ID and and answers)
hey wats up.
B- not much
G- well YOU called ME
B- guess I've just been really bored. How come u haven't called in awhile?
G- i didnt no u wanted me to cuz I annoy you
B-no u dont
G- yeah I do!!
B- no srsly!! I like talking to u....
G- .......there's nothing to do
B- yeah
G- what's the best thing you did all summer?
B- idk.. Talk to u?
G- wow that's a BORING summer Surley u did other things.
B- yeah I sorta did
G- then why isn't that the best thing?
B- .......... I like talking to u. And NO you're NOT annoying!!
G- well I guess I've wanted to call u
B- why didn't you?
G- idk..
B-..... Each time F texts me I hope it's u. Sometimes I wanna text her to talk to u.....
G- ... How can u stand me?
B- I don't.
G- but-
B- I'm crazy for you. Loving u is like breathing. How can I stop?
G- eye roll
B- no srsly I can't get u off my mind! I no this may sound weird but if my thoughts were a wordle your name would be the biggest word and even the other ones would have to do with you!
G- I was thinking the same thing
B- We should do something
G- meet me a that one park that (blah blah blah). Just tell whoever ur just going there to get out of the house.
B- ok see you in a few! Bye
G- luv u bye!(hangs up)
*20 minutes later @ park*
B- ( drives car up to park. Jumps out and grins)
G- B!! I missed u so much since school got out!! (hugs B)
B- (hugs back) I love you SO MUCH!
G- me too.
* later watching the sunset*
g- (sits down on bench)
B- (sits next to her)
* They look at each other*
B- (kisses G on lips)
G- (kisses back)
B- (kisses harder)
G- (after kissing B for a few minutes) words cannot say how much I love you.
B-(wraps arm around g, bringing her closer)
G- (puts her head on his shoulder)
B- (kisses g)
b-( sitting in the grass)
G- (walks up to b)
B- hey babe watsup?
G- nothing. (sits next to b) I'm tired.
B- you can go to sleep. We leave in 2 1/2 hours.(lays down on back)
G- (lays down with head on b's chest and falls asleep listening to him breathe)
B- (kisses g)
G- have you talked to C lately?
B- not since school got out.
G- (looks worried at B)
B- what?
G- what's C gonna say?
G- us! You know how it is. She's like reserved for you!
G- hhmm she's just gonna have to deal with it. I LOVE YOU. She can marry S. I don't know. It's not like she can hate us. She's our friend.
G- I guess. But she's moving. I want her to be happy!
B- do u care more about her happiness or urs?
G- i don't know..
B- u care about other ppl too much.
G- but I love C!! She's my best friend!
B- it'll be okay k? I'm not gonna let anything happen to u.
G- (puts head on B shoulder) I love you.
B- love you too babe.

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