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An Untold Love Story

by Clara Nikitha

HAI this is the first story of my life..

It was a beautiful village with lush green fields and mountains.. It was a peculiar village, it had weird customs like every virgin must cover their head and face with a shawl when they come out, girls were not sent out of the village until they were married. Because of this girls didn’t know much of the outer world .Their world started and ended in the village itself.

But an exception was THARA .she was brought up by her grandma after she lost her parents in an accident. Her grandma sent her to the city to pursue higher studies because after her grandma there must be some support for her in life. Her grandma fought against the villagers to send her granddaughter to the city because it was against their customs. But she succeeded and her granddaughter finished her graduation. She was here on every vacation. She never missed any holiday because she was so much attracted to her village and her childhood friend Yuvaha.

They were very good friends, but the villagers wondered how they got together. Because both of them were of the extreme characters. Thara though residing in the city followed the customs of the village and was very loving, patient, and caring. She respected every elder and even the tiny tots were found of her. But Yuvaha on the other hand was adamant, very possessive and quite selfish about her well being, she was too possessive and did not allow anyone to be close with Thara even the kids. Once when they were young Thara was playing with a doll Yuvaha wanted to have it, being too young to sacrifice Thara denied it. Yuvaha all of a sudden jumped into a well nearby. This incident made a deep impression in Thara .From that day onwards Thara never denied what Yuvaha asked for. She learned to sacrifice things for her beloved friend.. This made them more intimate. Thara was always trying to satisfy her in every way. Her joy was prior to anything in the world for Thara.

Yuvaha had to attend a marriage of her relative in the nearby village. It was the right time for the kids to have fun with Thara. So they started early in the morning to the river banks they were splashing water on each other and were having a nice time . They didn’t see Raj and his friends they had come to the village to make a report of the peculiar customs and the prosperity of the village. They too were not much bothered of these naughty ones until a splash of water drenched Raj completely. They knew what they have done in a flash the kids were gone they tried to chase. Thara was left back as she was completely wet she couldn’t run fast. Even in that hurry she didn’t forget the custom she covered her head and face. When she looked back to know how safe she was from them she happened to see Raj in a glance and he too was able to look into that beautiful eyes.WOW! he felt something new , he stopped and convinced his friends. They went back home. All were tired of the chase and commotion they went to bed early. But Raj couldn’t sleep, every time he closed his eyes he could see her eyes alone. He was disturbed…..has he fallen in love?

The next morning Raj was early out of the bed because he didn’t sleep the whole night. He wanted to meet that girl and know about her. Today they had to take snaps of the fields, so they were wandering about in the fields for a better view. Raj got a beautiful view and was walking backwards to get a better view. Thara and her notorious gang were playing swing in a nearby tree where Raj was standing. He was fully concentrating on the view .Thara also did not notice as it was her turn on the swing. The kids were pushing the swing into the air. As soon as they saw Raj and his friends they took to their heel in fear of being persecuted for yesterdays’ incident. On seeing them running she turned and found Raj standing. She immediately jumped off the swing, the force pushed the swing backwards and hit Raj into the slurry field .She took off to her heels but was concerned of the guy in the puddle. She covered her head and turned back to see if he was alright. Again he looked into the beautiful eyes of Thara, he sat still in the puddle not even hearing what his friends were talking. They knew that he not fallen into the puddle but into the eyes of that village damsel.

Not mindful of the pain in his back because of the fall he was dreaming about that girl. This night it was not only Raj but Thara who was also suffering a sleepless night. Thara felt very different for the first time. She looked in the mirror and found herself more beautiful she felt as a new being. She was in love.

The next morning, Thara was very anxiously waiting for Yuvaha. She wanted to tell everything to her and about her new love. As soon as she saw Yuvaha she didn’t wait even for a minute she just broke open all her emotions. But Yuvaha remained silent and she was a sort of restraining herself, Thara thought she was tired of the journey. But………….what was Yuvaha hiding from Thara?

When she was entering the village she saw Raj when he was just around with his friends. She liked him the moment she saw him. But she knew nothing about him. She wanted to know whether Thara was talking of the same guy. Later that night she asked Thara to show her that guy so they slipped into the backyard of the house Raj and his friends were staying in. Thara managed to find a window, she peeped in and found Raj conversing with his friends about his bad luck of not meeting her that day. She asked Yuvaha to have a look at the guy wearing a white shirt. Yuvaha was shocked what she anticipated was right .It was the same guy. She suddenly slipped from the stone she was standing on and fell with a bang. The guys were alarmed on hearing the noise and rushed to the backyard to check it out. Meanwhile Thara and Yuvaha managed to escape from there, accidently one of the anklet of Thara slipped off. But in the haste she did not notice it. Even before they could leave the place Raj and his friends saw them but didn’t want to catch them. Thara knew they were there she covered her head and turned back. Raj saw her eyes again and told his friends that there was nothing to fear it is was his girl. One of his friend asked how is he assuredly say that she was his girl. Meanwhile Raj found something glittering on the ground and took it in his hands, it was Thara’s anklet. He said that he knows that she is her girl. He lost his mother when he was still young, and he could get all that love he was longing for all these years. Her look itself speaks a lot of how much she cares for him, if she is going to be with him how happy he would be. He then said that that day she left her symbol of love (her anklet) another day she will come to me as a token of love.

The next day Thara found her anklet missing and was searching in a haste. Suddenly she remembered that she might have lost it in the backyard of Raj’s house. When she was about to leave, her grandma gave a loud shout. Thara ran to look out, she had got a severe chest pain and had fallen down. Thara managed to put her in the bed and ran to call for the local doctor. The doctor arrived and attended on her, he said that she had had an attack and she will be doing well. Yuvaha also was there with Thara. Thara asked Yuvaha to check out for the anklet in Raj’s house, because if somebody else finds it, it will become a big issue, and she will give the tablets for her grandma and join her shortly. So Yuvaha left. Thara gave her grandma the tablets and made sure that she was getting alright and left to Raj’s house. When she was nearing his house she sighted something happening in the backyard. Raj was holding Yuvaha’s hands and she stood turning back with her head covered. Immediately Thara hid herself behind a tree and was waiting for her friend to tell about her and her love for him. But…….when Raj asked whether she was that girl and whether she loved him she said yes. Thara was shocked she couldn’t believe her ears. She saw Raj hugging her from the back, and Yuvaha stood without hesitating that it was her friends love. Meanwhile when they stood there hugging they didn’t think of anything that was happening there. They didn’t know that there was a broken heart standing behind the tree and that Yuvaha’s father and few others were standing there witnessing that scene. He screamed at his daughter and took her away and warned Raj to leave the village immediately. Raj didn’t have a chance to look at her face because her face was covered and everything was out of hands. Before Thara could come out of her shock and understand the situation there, a small boy came running to her and gave her a shock news that her grandma expired. All that seemed prior to her was no where now when she came to know that her only hope on earth was no more. She ran to her house, all the ceremony was taking place, she sat all alone not knowing for what she must regret for the loss of her grandma, or the ignorance and mistaking between her and her friend by her love, or the betrayal of her friend.

Yuvaha was kept locked in her house. Raj left the village without knowing the truth. When Thara went to meet Yuvaha after all the ceremony was over. Yuvaha’s father spoke very badly of Thara that it was because of her his daughter went back of that guy. She only taught all the city activities to her daughter and had spoiled her and that it was his grave mistake to let her into the village even after she went to the city without respecting the village rules. And that she had to leave the village immediately and to never return. Of course the whole village was witnessing all these and there was not a soul to stand by her side. Thara also left the village without speaking a word, because there was no one for her there and didn’t have anything to say to them. Yuvaha did not bother to come out to even see her.

Thara went to the city where she had studied, found a job for herself and started living a life for herself because she didn’t have the right to end her life. But she did not stop loving everyone around her. In this manner 5 years had passed.

That morning there was a big gossip going around in the office, that a new guy is going to come to their office and he is smart and handsome. Thara was not interested in it she went to the record room to collect some files that her boss had asked for. Meanwhile the new guy had come and had been introduced to everyone in the office, he was to share the cabin with Thara. When she was back from the record room, she entered her cabin and was shocked to see Raj sitting there. She would not hold herself she felt like the whole world was darkening until Raj came and casually got introduced to her. She then tried to be normal and introduced herself but she could not look into his eyes and talk, she felt embarrassed ..They went back to work.

But she could not concentrate on what she was doing. She was confused whether to reveal who she was .But some years back she came to know that Raj went to the village to ask for Yuvaha and her father had accepted for their marriage and this was postponed for Raj did not have good job at that time. So she decided not to reveal herself for the time being.

From the next day she was careful not to make her identity known to Raj. Some few months passed away in this away. Ranjith her co-worker had proposed her some months back but she refused, because she was much disturbed by her first love Raj. She could not accept anyone in that place. According to her Raj was the first and last in her life. But Ranjith kept on disturbing her. He was after her only for lust he did not have the true love for her. That day he followed her to the rest room while others were in the canteen. He made sure that no one were there and tried to harass her, she tried a lot to avoid him she was struggling to come out of his hold. Raj accidently came that side and heard Thara’s murmuring coming from the rest room, he didn’t think he just broke in. Hearing the noise Ranjith loosened his hold on Thara , she ran to Raj and was weeping badly. Ranjith was embarrassed he left that place in a haste. Raj convinced Thara and took her to the cabin. Still Thara did not stop crying. Raj said that she could understand her feeling but she had to hold back her emotions because if others come to know situations may get still worse. Thara felt very comforted the way he said that he could understand her feelings was touching because no one had spoken so caringly to her.

That evening Raj accompanied her to the house, doubting that Ranjith may create some problem again. After reaching home Thara thanked him for his concern towards her. She said that no one had been so caring towards her in all her life. Raj was moved by her words and the drop of tear that came out of her eyes remembered him of something. He immediately took leave and went to his room locked the room and took something out of his cupboard and began to weep like a kid. It was nothing else but Thara’s anklet. The day he saw Thara in the office and many of her activities was reminding him of the girl he saw in the village. But he was not aware that both were the same. Whenever he missed her a lot he used to cry in loneliness.

The next morning Ranjith did not turn up. Thara also did not come, Raj tried to contact her but she did not attend the call. He feared that something wrong would have taken place and he rushed to her house to check out. He breathed ease only after he saw her. She was shocked to see him still she invited him in. He told why he came there, and he didn’t have to ask the reason for her absence he knew she was not well and asked her to start with him to the doctor. Thara was surprised on hearing him she didn’t even tell him that she was not feeling well but he just made it out by seeing her. She could not talk back she was impressed by his care again, so she got ready and as she was feeling very cold and was actually shivering, she covered herself with a shawl.

Raj drove her to the hospital. He asked her to go in when he went to park the bike. She was going in the front and Raj followed her some centimeters away. Accidently he hit dashed against a nurse and she dropped the tray. Hearing the noise everyone turned back to see Thara also turned as she was already covering her head with a shawl and covered her mouth as she was about to cough. Raj who was helping the nurse to clear the place accidently looked up and saw THE EYES of Thara .In a moment he could bring all the things in place that seemed to him as a puzzle all these days. He was sure that it was the same girl but he was confused. Raj only had not seen her but she knew him very well then why she did not reveal herself?

Raj tried to be normal and dropped her at home. He went to his room locked the door and fell to the ground and thinking how stupid he was to keep his love near him and search her all over the world. But her silence was still knocking his brain. He decided to find out the reason and then tell her that he knew all about her.
From the next day he was very happy that he had found his girl and she was not very far. Every time his joy was reaching the skies he was pulled back by the question why she was hiding her love? Some months had passed in this way.

And one fine day, there was a sale in the office. A man came there to cell some accessories and clothes for ladies. All the women were there busy selecting some things.. The guys stood there making fun of the ladies. Raj was also standing there and admiring Thara.T hat man took out a box full of anklets and was showing the ladies. Thara immediately got up and was about to leave the place. One of her friend pulled her back and forced her to try one of them. Thara refused ,but she herself lifted her pants above the ankle and was surprised and asked why she was wearing only one anklet .She just said that it was safe somewhere and left the place. Raj was hearing everything and followed her. He stood in front of her holding her anklet in his hand. On seeing this Thara understood that he had come to know everything. They left to a solitude place to talk. Raj was expressing his love for her and how he had been searching for her all these years. Thara remained quite. When Raj had finished and it was her turn to talk, she just asked whether Yuvaha was fine. On hearing her name Raj screamed at her saying not to mention her name and he felt very irritated to hear her name..
Thara asked what had happened to her. He began explaining what happened some years back.

After he was chased out of the village by Yuvaha’s father he went back to ask him to give her in marriage. Until he met her for the first time after her father accepted for the marriage he didn’t know that he had mistaken Yuvaha for Thara. As soon as he saw her he knew that she was not the girl he had seen and fallen in love. He immediately told everyone that she was not the girl and cancelled the marriage proposal. All he knew was Yuvaha was not the girl he had fallen in love, but there was someone else and that true love was not there in that village. As soon as the marriage was cancelled he was not let to stay in the village and no one was ready to help him, as they were angry on him for cancelling the marriage. So he left the village on the same day and started searching for his true love in so many places.

Thara understood his love but refused to accept it because she wanted to know that Yuvaha was fine.
Both of them left to the village. After so many years things had changed a lot. They entered Yuvaha’s house. Things didn’t seem to be right. There was silence all through the house. The atmosphere was gloomy in the house. There was a garlanded photo in one corner of the house they went near to see it, Thara burst into tears and fell to the ground, it was none other than Yuvaha. Raj was also shocked he was trying to convince her. Hearing her loud cry Yuvaha’s mother and father came out and saw her crying. When they asked what had happened to her? They said that she had committed suicide after Raj cancelled the marriage and left.T hey cursed Raj and Thara that they were responsible for her death. They could not stay there anymore they had to leave.

When they reached their place Raj didn’t want to disturb Thara. Weeks passed by and Thara did not give any reply for Raj, she hardly spoke to him. One day Raj voluntarily spoke to Thara and asked what she had decided. She just said sorry and left. Raj could not get her first only after she left he understood that she said no.
That night he went to her house and asked the reason for her decision. She first refused to explain, but as Raj was forcing her, with a burst of her emotions having tears in her eyes and pain in her heart she said that she was wholly responsible for Yuvaha’s death and there was no forgiveness at all for her. She said that she cannot live happily with this guilt in her heart, it was a pain she had to undergo throughout her life. Yuvaha loved him so much that she even died to prove her love for him. She asked Raj that how can she live with the guy who was madly loved by her own friend?

Raj could understand the emotions of Thara. He said that he could understand her but he was madly in love with Thara alone and he said that from the beginning Thara was being fooled by Yuvaha in the name of friendship, and that Thara was ignorant of that. Also she was in no way responsible for Yuvaha’s death. He asked her not feel responsible for all the mishap. She had a life and someone to love her madly. He went close to her and said that he loved her and her alone and left.

The next morning Thara did not come to the office, he was about to leave to her house. Meanwhile the boss called him and asked what was wrong with Thara and why she had taken a transfer to Delhi. He said he was not aware of it and he immediately went to Thara’s house but it was locked. The watch man gave the information that she had just left to the station. He drove to the station and searched for her everywhere. Finally he found her sitting in the platform waiting for the train. As he was approaching her the train arrived , she saw Raj standing there. She was about to get into the train she turned to have a last look at Raj. He was standing there with just love for her, he was speechless his heart was beating, saying come back to me Thara. A tear just rolled down his cheek to say how much he loved her. As she saw the tear coming down his cheek she just threw her bag down and ran to him and hugged him and said I love you Raj. Raj just stood still, feeling happy for his love had come back to him. Everyone there stood still for a moment and watched the merging of the hearts of two who loved truly.
Don’t be despised my friends if you are missing your love right now. If your love is true then he/she would surely come back to you soon. True love is always refined by separation.




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