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Always Yours

by Monika Sharma, India

She was a good girl like all Indian girls raised in a very protective environment. She turn into a young lady. Now it was time when she needed love in her life. But she could not take the liberty to take a step to find love for her. But one day she got chance to be with some one. She met this handsome guy in a train. But after that she never got the courage to meet him again. The time was elapsing. He asked her to get married to him. But she knew no one is going to accept in her family. She never dare to take the chance even to talk about him to her family. The guy got married with someone else and she was alone as always.

She used to talk to people on net and there was one guy with whom she became very close. They told about there's life through emails. They fell in love with each other. Both found their true love. But after few time she came to know this man was married and having three kids. Not even this he belonged to the native country. And these two countries had no friendly relations at all. There was no chance to meet each other . But they were in touch. Her love for him was growing day by day. And he was ready to leave every thing for her. And wanted to take the risk to cross the border. But she never allowed him to do so. And he was respecting her feelings. Years come and go. She was still alone but his native countries love was always with him through email, internet and phone calls.
Long time gone. The train guy ring her one day and told her that he lost her soul mate. Now he was alone with his young baby. He asked again to be part of his life. Now she was in dilemma. What to do. Weather she should marry this guy whom she had lost because of her family or she should give her life for waiting for that person who is never going to meet her. She can get every happiness of life marrying this train gay. Otherwise she has to live a long life lonely. But she said no again to him.

Now she is old. And he is here with her leaving every hindrance behind in his country. He has fulfilled his responsibilities. And its time for him to fulfil his responsibility towards love of his life. They are together in there twilight years.


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