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Adorable Story

by Lilian abou hamdan

Our story starts at 28_11_2008...! my boyfriend talked me be 4 1 year he taled me that he love me.. but i think that he is just a boy like anny other who comes and tell i love u... and he dont know any thng of luv.... so i ignore and complete my life normally..... !!

he was higher class then me but in same school yah he used 2 look at me so much but i ignore and ignore until a day we become fds.. we start talking through internert and by summer we became so close 2 the instant that i found my self that iam just waiting him 2 go on & when he pased i ran 2 see him but i refuse 2 beleive that he luv me however he used 2 tell me "i love u" whenever he can,he used 2 be in the same plce that iam in.. yah he realy do his best 2 gain my attention....!

knowing that i was coming up 4rm a bad bad bad relationship so i was refusing 2 eneter a relation or 2 luv... !! i was searching 4 a pure love andd a pure boy the boy that tell me u are nice and not hot the boy that love me 4rm inside and not because of my apearance a boy that need my heart and not my lips ,not my body,a boy that know the meaning of love ,care and respect,that turns 2 his friends and tell them thats the girl thats my love thats the girl i need.. and not shie and lieing...

i was searching 4 that guy a guy that i need 2 love i need 2 gain his heart a guy that dreams of my happiness and my eyes be 4 any thing... and i found him.... day by day i found that all wut i was searching for is in that person yah he is he is that guy.. then i realise that i love him...!!

on 28/11/2008 we went 2 the cinema he hold my hand then he asked me... he asked of i love him .. and i told hime yah i told him " i love u " from that day every thng changed every thng 4rm that instant my life turn upside down....! day after day i love him more and more... and know i cant live without him impossible he is everythng in my life ...!

my only dream is to stay 2 gether 4 ever i rly adore him and he also do we love each other in an amazing way...! so i hope that this adorable story will never end and i hope that we will stay in that love story,and after 5 years or more ill complete for you that story with a greate events....!!

our story is amazing is special greate and without ending because love stories doesnot have an happy ending cz true luv never ends...!!


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