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A warm, heartbreaking moment

by Anonymous

A warm, heart breaking moment...
I met this charming guy who has the charisma that would able to charm and steal my heart instantly.
He is a guy who perform on Broadway, people said the white man doesn't dance but he sure able to dance wonderfully. I had a great time watching him performing in his Broadway show...

HE IS GORGEOUS!! His eyes....mmmm...his body...ouch!! ...Yeeeaasssss....Scrumptious!! Love it!!
GOD WHY?? -- When I looked into his eyes I couldn't concentrate on my conversation with him... I sound like an idiot and not able to remember a thing.... I tried so hard to rattle my brain just to explain my experience...Usually it was easy to blague out the places I went and see or the interesting experience that I did... I ended up not able to speak English...HOW RIDICULOUS!!!

I tried telling him what I do and the interesting things I did, but it seem like all the English words no longer exists in my brain anymore...My mind was totally empty and my hand was shaking.... My eyes has a fixation to his... I have to take a deep breath and look down trying to balance my tone of voice as well my feelings and then talk. I found I was talking "Jibblish"... HOW EMBARRASSING!!

I have to look away or I would be totally into a freeze state... I usually very witted, Charming, and full of myself ... Why when I with him I became an idiot. ...O o o o o signed:-(

.... Come to think of it may be I shouldn't invite him to come out for bunch anyway, he ended up paying the bill... may be I should just left it alone and wait for him to call me instead....ouch!! -- I didn't know if I did the right thing! He seems to be eager at first when he invited me to his performance... I hope there was an explanation to what this Man was thinking.... May be he sees I was interesting at first than after I made a fool of myself he changed his mind. --I have no idea of the reason to his action!!

Saying good-bye to him was so hard without a chance in telling him that I like him although we were just only met for three days. It seem like it was just a moment of happiness of love and then gone like the wind.

--Then my heart was broken once again. This is harsh, I wish I could get to know him...I didn't ask him any questions because my mind was blank and not knowing what I should do or to say... I felt like I'm at the first time again!! --HOW SILLY!!" Aww!!" ( I think there was too much of blood rushed to my brain and overcame of my brainwave... )

Once again back into the ocean with all other single fishes ... Oooo... Jennifer Jennifer... I could just kick myself!-- Anyway....I hope he'll found and read this note; I want to thank him for giving me the most wonderful days even though it wasn't much!! Also I would like him to know I'll do my best to get back into fashion designing once again!! Although Fashion designing would be even harder than to see him again. Because of him I'll do my best and try again!...Or something better than fashion ... and will do it for myself with him in my mind for the motivation.

I appreciated the encouragement he had given to me during the time we were met!!



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