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A Sweet Innocent Girl

by Megha Bachani

Once there was a sweet innocent girl named Reena, she was the only girl of her parents, you can say she was daddy's girl..!!
As she passed her 10th grade with distinction, she decided to take science with same school, her parents and family supported her for that. But when she'd gone to take her result, her classmate Julia insisted her to go with the diploma studies, thus they went on farther information and finally she went on to the way to college at the early age of 16.

There everything was new with her except her friend Julia, both were good friends. Reena here met many new girls and all were attracted by her sweet and innocent nature, while Julia was different from all. Reena's dad gifted her an I-pod which she took at her college.

The new students did not know that the mobile phones and i-pods were strictly prohibited in the college. Thus Reena went on with Julia to meet their other friends downstairs of the college building, putting on the i-pod on her ears and dancing..

There came a boy and told her about the prohibitance and told her to keep the i-pod inside her pocket, there Julia thanked him, but Reena was very shy girl so she didn't say anything at all.

There only the principal came and took of the cell phone of Reena's classmate, but the guy forgot to inform her. So she was punished. Julia then told Reena about the guy to be very great and all.

After some days, some of the boys of Reena's class were making noises and listening to the songs, so one of her classmate went to inform this to the principal, so he came in and punished those boys. So the guy who saved Reena's i-pod, his name was diabo came to her and blamed her for this, she din't spoke a word, then came Julia and told him it was all her who told the principal. Then he went to their classroom explaining the people that unity is necessary in the class. Then he asked to the girl whose i-pod had gone away, standing besides Reena, so she went to sit on her bench. Thus he opened the i-pod topic and suddenly Julia said ya..it was Reena..the topic got over as Reena didn't respond.

The days went on and diabo always came to their class suspecting to the people that principal had given him the responsibility of their class to him. Thus he was just being oversmart so some people started hating him and Julia and Reena were one of them. There Julia she told this to Reena and also one of her friends. This news then got spreaded over touching the ears of Diabo.

The day when he went to their class, Reena was absent so he called Julia and asked if he was a punk, so she said " Yes, if you are doing such things and blackmailing then you are a punk." Then he told her that"Because of you, your whole class will have to suffer..you will have to pay for this." She was very much frightened about him as he was a senior and also a good guy in principal's eyes. But then Reena told her that he can't do anything except frightening us. So leave such discussions. He is just a dumb.

As the guy's eye was on Reena, whenever she came and go on by his side, he and his friends chased her saying that"PROUD TO BE A PUNK".

Days passed by and the day came when Reena and Julia had to get seperated as their classes got divided. Then Julia got new friends as well as Reena, but unfairingly, she got attached to wrong friends, the friends who were close to the punk. Reena's best friend of those days, Lara was the busmate of the punk and she told her the positive aspects of that guy and then Reena's hatred turned to something fair and uneven, she changed her mind thinking about that guy. Her way of watching him changed as she never watched out or notice any of the bad boys or the punks. Even Lara told Reena that the punk had told her"She'll also have to pay for what they did as she was Julia's bff."

Again one day Reena went to the library with Julia when the term was going to end and the christmas vacation was to start, there they needed to do a time pass so they took a quite intresting book in the library and wanted to read, but as they were juniors, they weren't allowed to take any book and read it. So came the Diabo and asked Reena if she needed help, so he got the book for her, but this time Reena talked to him thanking him for the first time.

That time Diabo was very happy. Then he turned to say that he would have to return the book that day as their vacation would start from next day. So Julia replied to meet him there at 4.00
Thus both Julia and Reena went upstairs to the reading room. They read the book very annoyingly. It was about the handwriting tests. Then they saw that Diabo had also come upstairs in the reading hall, finally it was quarter to four, Julia said to Reena to give the book back..but as all the boys were sitting around, she was getting quite wierd, thus Reena told Julia to go and give the book. Thus she lended it to Diabo.

After their winter vacations, Lara and Reena were moving around at the road besides the canteen, thus Reena saw the punk, she moved away like she didn't see him. Then as Reena was recieving someones call, Lara talked to Diabo wishing him New Year, Diabo was continuously having look on Reena, but she overlooked away.. thus said Lara that diabo was watching her.

Days were moving and once Reena was going through the stairs in the college building at lunch time, so diabo stopped her and asked to talk after lunch time, so her friend replied that she's not intrested in boys..!! Then Reena and her friend Trisha went to temple for eating some apples and having their snacks. There came diabo for talking to Reena and they had some talks. After sometime, Reena went away with her friend to Lara. The days came when Reena and Diabo got into good friendship.

The days moved on and Lara came to know about the Diabo's truth and all his misdeeds, he had made friendship with her to get to talk to Reena. After that she told Reena about him and thus after some days, Diabo and Reena's friendhip broke up.

Their term ended and came the exams, Reena wasn't able to concentrate on her studies, also her brother came to know about Diabo and thus he warned her to break the friendship orelse Diabo would be in trouble. The days flew away like anything and finally the next term came.

Reena messaged diabo after many days, to talk then he got angry on her asking the reasons.
So after that she stopped all that also.

When the college re-opened, diabo started flinging around Reena, but she didnot understand his movements. After sometime, she didn't see him anymore around and thus she felt weird thus she went to talk, again they started chatting and suddenly Diabo came to know that Reena was in love with him, he also stepped out the same thing. But Reena knew it was not the same feeling by his side. So they remained friends. But again Diabo now wanted to break their friendship all of a sudden, that was because his friends said that Reena was not good enough for him. He thought them to be true, thus he decided to break the friendship. But now Reena got so much attached to him that she was not able to leave him. So he asked her to be perfectly fit for him in everything just like physically toned, then she would make her his girlfriend and propose her infront of everyone. He would also confess her infront of his parents and marry her finally.

But as it was the truth that he mostly believed his friends, his friends didnot at all wanted him to get close to Reena, and he also got bored out of Reena thus he broke up with her complaining to the Principal of the college. As he was an evil guy, he told everyone that Reena was behind him since many months and thus he got tired and complained to the principal. Thus the pretty charming girl of the college was now considered as the worst. Though everyone knew that he was evil guy, but he had the proof of messages but Reena had deleted all his messages so that noone could blame him, specially her brother.

Finally Reena broke up into pieces, she was not able to believe her eyes that what she previously saw in Diabo, as an evil guy, as a Virus.


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