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A Rare Moment In Time

by Cynthia

I can only remember that it was when I was in tenth grade during the holidays and I was visiting my family in Montreal with my middle sister. As a treat, we went to a restaurant in Chinatown called Mon Shing and it was a night that I wouldn't forget. We had all grabbed a table and near ours was a family who sat close by and there was a cute Chinese guy. The moment I saw him was when my heart beat like my mad. Throughout dinner, I tried to keep my cool and at the same time stared at him now and then. I then realized that I had a red stain on the pink shimmery blouse I was wearing and tried to keep cool as I went to the bathroom to wash it off. It remained a stain, so I pinned my blouse together with a safety pin. I went back to my seat and tried to relax and when it was time to go, I knew in my heart that I wasn't going to see him again. I stared at him when we were getting ready to go and I softly said "Good-bye." Suddenly, he turned his head around to face me and smiled! At that moment, I felt myself blush and left with my family without another word. I suppose you don't encounter that everyday! .


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